Is it OK to Use Postpartum Birth Control Pill?

Is it OK to Use Postpartum Birth Control Pill?

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in public breastfeeding The fact that breastfeeding itself is a form of contraception is also scientifically proven. However, this protection has certain conditions. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. ─░brahim Sözen shares those who are curious about postpartum protection.

Birth control pills The effects of breastfeeding on the quantity and quality of milk. This effect is less in low-dose hormone pills. The milk yield of these women was shorter than that of women who did not use these pills. On the other hand, no adverse effects were observed in terms of disease, intelligence or psychological disorder on infants who were breastfed from their mothers using birth control pills.

Breastfeeding breastfeeding it is a scientifically proven fact that he is a form of birth control. However, this protection applies only to mothers who are fully breastfeeding, ie, breastfeeding regularly at regular intervals (every 4-6 hours) and do not provide additional food to their babies, and for the first 6 months. Under these conditions, breastfeeding protection is close to that of birth control pills (98%). The most reliable protection is seen in the first 10 weeks of breastfeeding under the aforementioned conditions. Reduction of the baby's suction power and frequency reduces the protective effect of breastfeeding.

As a general rule, in full-breastfeeding mothers from the 12th week following birth, mothers who breastfeed intermittently and give additional nutrients, or who do not breastfeed at all mothers A birth control method should be used from the 3rd week onwards. If birth control pills are to be taken, care must be taken that they contain low doses of estrogen (20 micrograms). Breastfeeding women may start taking these pills after the 6th week following birth and women who do not breastfeed after 3 weeks. Contraceptive pills in lactating women If a significant decrease in the amount of milk after ingestion is observed, it should be considered to switch to another protection method. Birth control pills can be started immediately after abortion or pregnancy termination before 12 weeks, and 2 weeks after abortion and termination of larger pregnancies.

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