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What does a 12 month old baby do?

What does a 12 month old baby do?

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What does a 12 month old baby do?

  • He can walk with or without clinging to things.
  • He can play a clapping game or he can wave.
  • He can drink something from a glass on his own.
  • It can stand with or without support.
  • He could say a parent, a few more words.
  • He can speak in his own strange language.
  • You can play the ball, roll the ball back to you.
  • Can understand and follow verbal orders without signs.

12 Month Baby Feeding

Pay attention to the following in your baby's first age diet.
• Every bite counts. Your baby has limited capacity and saturation points. Therefore, make sure that every bite you give is nutritious and does not take up space.
• Not all calories are equal. 100 calories in a piece of chocolate is not equal to 100 calories in a banana.
• Skipping meals is risky. This reduces the nutrient intake the baby needs. Failure to eat at regular intervals will reduce the child's daily energy, making him irritable and cranky. This is due to fallen blood sugar.
• Efficiency is effective. Weight problem usually begins in childhood. If a baby is gaining unwanted weight, the solution is not to diet. It is important to pay attention to the choice of food. Foods that are low in calories but high in nutrients are good (fruits, vegetables, cereals).

• Carbohydrates are a complex issue. Carbohydrates, sugar and starch are the favorite food for babies. Most babies cannot give up carbohydrate foods while refusing fish and meat. Carbohydrates are divided into two as simple and complex. Complex carbohydrates provide vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber as well as calories (whole grain breads, beans, peas, fruit and vegetables). The simple ones are known as simple sugars and honey and have little to do with calories.
• Sugar is only a problem. It provides nothing but calories, feeds the child and leaves no room for other nutrients. In addition, sugar prepares the ground for the growth of bacteria and causes tooth decay. Keep the candies away from your baby. No sugar means no dessert. You can give your baby cakes and cookies.
• Have a family eating habit. For the benefit of the baby and you, you should ensure that the whole family is healthy and set a good example.

During this period, your baby may get thirsty because of the movement, especially if the 12th of the month coincides with the summer months, do not forget to give continuous water. You can now drink water from a glass on your own, so you can find our products in our shopping suggestions.

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12 Months Old Baby How Much WeightIs received?

A 12-month-old male baby weighs an average of 10000 grams and a 2-month-old female baby weighs an average of 9600 grams.

12 Months Baby Height How Many cm Should Be?

  • 12 month old baby girl height limit: 64
  • 12 month old baby girl height upper limit: 80
  • 12 months old baby boy height limit: 68
  • 12 months old baby boy height upper limit: 82

12 Months Baby Games

Your baby loves filling and ejecting games during this period, you can stuff your toys in a box, then take them out together.

During this period, your baby can start playing with cube toys like shape matching.

Since he has just started walking, the first step is to have a lot of fun with his toys.

Remember, it is very important to spend your time together… So you can support your mental development, you can also support your social development.

12 Months Baby Doctor Control

• Measuring the baby's weight, height and head circumference and marking it on the developmental chart.
• Physical examination, check the baby's previous problems.
• Assessment of growth. The doctor tests the baby in a set of tests. In this way, he sees that he cannot sit on his own, he can stand up, he can hold on, he can walk, he can reach objects, he reacts when the name is said, he can feed himself and hold the glass, he participates in social games and communication with his surroundings.
• Information about what to expect in the months ahead: feeding, sleeping and safety.

This is the right time to ask questions about the past months or any questions you may have about the months ahead.

Many doctors do not include this month in the monitoring calendar for healthy child controls. If you cannot wait until the next check-up, consult your doctor.

Is your home ready for your 12 month old baby?

In this period, when your baby starts to rebel, your home must also keep up with its development. The enthusiast who is eager to walk should take precautions on all kinds of sharp corners, hearths and door openings that may be damaged.

There are many products developed specifically for these measures. Especially if your house has a staircase, you should get a security door.

Shopping Advice - Buy

Your 12-month-old will now improve on self-drinking. Al For this reason, the training glasses can be one of your greatest helpers.

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