Myopia and eye disorders in children

Myopia and eye disorders in children

Myopia is an eye defect that we encounter very often in daily life. According to statistics, 30-40% of the society in Europe and America and 70-90% in Asia are myopic.
Myopia is now being treated with laser. But unfortunately science didn't go that far in stopping its progress.

What causes myopia?

Today, heredity and environmental factors play a role in the formation of eye defects. In myopia, the eyeball is longer than normal. Activities such as excessive reading and playing computer games are environmental risk factors that initiate and / or increase myopia.

How old does myopia begin?

Myopia may be congenital or may begin in adulthood (after 20 years of age). But what we call school myopia begins between the ages of 7-16.

If the parents wear glasses, does the child necessarily have eye disorders?

No, this is not essential. But there is a genetic predisposition.

Does the eye break from studying or studying computer games?

In a child who is genetically predisposed to myopia, constantly looking close can reveal myopia.

Is it true that myopia is related to intelligence?

Many studies have shown that the intelligence coefficients (IQ) of myopia are 7-8 points higher than those of myopia. Similar results were obtained in families: Myopic siblings had higher intelligence coefficient than non-myopic siblings. These statistics can be explained in two ways: Either myopia and the intelligence gene are inherited together on the same chromosome, or the more intelligent ones spend more time reading and myopia occurs in the eye. Myopic children had higher school performance.

Should the glasses be worn all the time? What happens if it doesn't?

It is recommended to wear myopia glasses during childhood and adolescence. If not, the numbers are thought to move faster.

Is there a way to stop the progress of numbers?

No precise method of stopping progress has been found. Different studies have shown different results. Although some eye drops have been claimed to slow myopia, there is no widespread and definitive opinion in this direction.

How old do numbers go?

It usually progresses to the age of 18. The age of progression is highest in girls between 9-10 years and in boys between 11-12 years.

At the earliest, how old can laser treatment be for eye defects?

The earliest 18-year-old laser treatment is available, but the numbers must have remained constant in the last 1 year.

Right and wrong known

False - If myopia is worn with low numbers, the numbers will progress less. (In fact: Any number that is available in the eye should be used in accordance with the number.)
Correct + Eyeglasses should be worn for myopia during puberty.
False - The use of contact lenses during adolescence is not recommended. (Actually: after 11 years of age, young people can wear contact lenses.)
True + Hyperopia decreases with age as children progress.
False - Myopia decreases with age. (Indeed: Myopia does not decrease with age.)

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