Which Fruits Are Like the Unborn Baby?

Which Fruits Are Like the Unborn Baby?

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Hello, first of all, we congratulate you. If you are reading this article, you are either thinking of becoming a mother or you are a mother. From the moment you learn that you are pregnant, you will love your little mini peas, my little lentils, thinking of your mini, which will grow inside you at any time, and make counts about its size. Is your tiny lentil really a lentil during your pregnancy week? Or has a walnut already reached its height? For this baby's height and weight during pregnancy We made a fun comparison about. In this comparison baby week week which is similar to fruit we will see it.

1-3 in pregnancy. Week

1st week of pregnancy calculate fetal age Although it is calculated by gynecologists, we are sorry but you are not actually biologically pregnant this week. Because the 1st day of your last menstrual date is considered the beginning of your pregnancy. The possibility of fertilization is not possible at this date. Your eggs and sperm are your period 10-14. days, the main pregnancy starts from the 3rd week. From week 3 to week 40, the baby size will range from the size of a poppy seed to the size of a watermelon.

Week 4 in Pregnancy: Poppy Seeds

At the 4th week of your pregnancy, your baby is still the size of a poppy seed. Its length is so small that it cannot be seen in the ultrasound device, it is about 1-2 mm.

5. Week in Pregnancy: Apple Seed

5th week baby size during pregnancy It is up to 3-4mm. Its mass is too small to be measured yet. Although your baby's mass cannot be measured this week, your heartbeat can be heard on the ultrasound device.

6. Week in Pregnancy: Peas

This week you may love your baby as my little pea, because it's as big as a pea. Of course, we can't talk about the weight of such a small baby.

7. Week in Pregnancy: Blueberries

Seven weeks baby size during pregnancy one is up to the grain of blueberries. The ultrasound device will measure your miniature around 7-8 mm this week.

Week 8 in Pregnancy: Kidney Beans

Finally, your baby's weight can now be measured. At 8 weeks of pregnancy, the baby weighs about 1 gram; length is about 1.5 cm. This week you may love your baby as sweet barbunyam.

Week 9: Pregnancy

This week, your embryo is about 2 cm tall and weighs 2 grams.

10. Week in Pregnancy: Strawberry

Baby size with fruits and vegetablesIf you compare, your baby will only reach a strawberry height when he is 10 weeks old. Your strawberry will be approximately 3 cm tall and weigh 4 grams.

Week 11 in Pregnancy: Figs

Your baby reaches the height of almost one fig during the 11th gestational week. It is also a sweet fig with a height of 4 cm and a weight of 7 grams.

Week 12 in Pregnancy: Lime Lime

This week; you have a baby about 5 cm tall, weighing 15 grams and about the size of a lime.

Week 13 of Pregnancy: Lemon

We reached the 13th week in this match that we made by resembling fruits and vegetables. You are now carrying a baby about 7 cm tall, about 25 grams and about the size of a lemon in your belly.

Week 14 in Pregnancy: Peach

14 weeks of pregnancy baby's height and weight in the womb If we talk about; length of about one peach, that is 9 cm. Weight is 45 grams.

Week 15 of Pregnancy: Apple

This week of your pregnancy, your baby, an average of 10 centimeters sweet and juicy apple height, 70 grams.

Week 16 of Pregnancy: Avocado

In this week's mother's womb, the baby's weight and height can be compared to an avocado. The length of this avocado is about 11 cm and its mass is 100 grams.

17th week of pregnancy: Pomegranate

You can love your baby by saying beautiful pomegranate. Because this week of pregnancy, your baby, on average pomegranate, has a height of 13 cm and a mass of 150 grams.

18th week of pregnancy: Artichoke

During the 18th week of your pregnancy, your baby is a medium-sized artichoke that has not yet been peeled on its green leaves. Your precious artichoke can be up to 14 centimeters in length and 200 grams in mass.

19th week of pregnancy: Mango

Now you have a pink, full and juicy mango in your belly. Yes, your baby is about 15 cm and weighs up to 250 grams.

20. Week in Pregnancy: Banana

We can compare the size of a 20-week-old baby to the size of a banana. This week your baby is 25 cm tall and weighs 300 grams.

Week 21 in Pregnancy: Carrots

Carrot! But not so small, consider a huge carrot. Your baby is 21 cm, 350 grams of big carrots in the 21st week of your pregnancy. As you can see, the baby's height and weight continue to increase rapidly during pregnancy.

Week 22 of Pregnancy: Coconut

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, your miniscule is no longer tiny. It is about 28 cm tall coconut. Its mass is measured as 430 grams on average.

23. Week in Pregnancy: Grapefruit

In the 23rd week of pregnancy, you carry a big and full grapefruit. Your beautiful grapefruit is about 30 cm tall. This week, your baby is expected to reach half a kilo, ie 500 grams.

24. Week in Pregnancy: Melon

Don't panic! Not those big melons. It will come to him, of course, but for the time being, you have a baby that is as small as this little yellow melon. Your baby has an average height of 32 cm and a mass of 600 grams.

25th week of pregnancy: Cauliflower

Finally your baby has reached the height of a cauliflower, white, immaculate and flower-like. Your cotton cauliflower reaches almost 34 centimeters this week. Its mass is approximately 650 grams.

26th week of pregnancy: Pumpkin

Fruits and vegetables are compared with the size of your baby at 26 weeks is the size of a pumpkin. This week, the ultrasound device measures your baby up to an average of 35 cm, 760 g.

Week 27 of Pregnancy: Curly

At 27th week, it has grown to a small size but not a mass. Your baby is expected to have height and mass values โ€‹โ€‹of 37 cm, 875 grams.

Week 28 in Pregnancy: Eggplant

Your baby, who grows to the height of a large eggplant, is expected to have a height of about 37 cm. Here's the good news, this week, your baby weighs about 1 kg.

Week 29 of Pregnancy: Tatume Squash

Have you ever heard of Tatume gourd? Here's your baby right now. This pumpkin can be 39 cm in length and 1150 grams in mass.

Week 30 of Pregnancy: Cabbage

In this comparison we made by comparing fruits and vegetables, your baby has now reached the height of a cabbage. The height of your white cabbage, which is 40 cm in length, has not yet grown into a cabbage. Only 1300 grams.

Week 31 of Pregnancy: Asparagus Bundle

At 31 weeks your baby is as big as a bunch of asparagus. Your delicious and fresh asparagus can be read 40 cm in length by ultrasound device and 1500 gram in mass.

Week 32: Pregnancy

This week your baby has reached the size of a gourd. Its height is approximately 42 cm and its mass is 1700 grams.

Week 33 of Pregnancy: Celery

Your baby is like a big celery with a bunch of stalk. At 33 weeks of gestation, your baby is 43 cm, 1900 g.

Week 34 of Pregnancy: Melon

34 weeks during pregnancy baby's height and weight in the womb If we talk about; up to a medium-sized melon; that is, 45 cm and 2150 grams in weight.

35th week of pregnancy: Pineapple

Growing to an almost large pineapple neck with its green stem and body, your baby reaches a height of 46 cm and a mass of 2400 grams.

Week 36 of Pregnancy: Papaya

Your sweet, lovely, 47 cm long, 2600 grams papaya will kick your stomach more strongly from this week on.

37th week of pregnancy: Lettuce

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's height and weight is as long as a lettuce. That is 48 cm. Its mass can reach 2800 grams.

Week 38 of Pregnancy: Winter Squash

Not a pumpkin yet, but a winter pumpkin. This lump can be up to 3000 g, up to 50 cm tall. 🙂

Week 39: Pregnancy

In our comparison of fruits and vegetables, week 39 is the week your baby is as a pumpkin. It can be 51 cm, 3200 grams of pumpkin.

Week 40 in Pregnancy: Watermelon

At 40 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's height and weight finally reached a watermelon. Your baby may be 51 cm tall this week and have a mass of 3400 grams.

In this pairing we made by simulating very healthy vegetables and fruits, it was made to simulate using average data. During pregnancy, the baby's height and weight are variable. Your baby can follow these values โ€‹โ€‹a few weeks behind, or they can go a few weeks ahead. The individual differences in your baby begin with the baby's height and weight in the womb, and this is very normal.

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