Do not be afraid of cesarean section!

Do not be afraid of cesarean section!

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Caesarean section is the process of delivering the baby by performing a medical operation instead of vaginal delivery by cutting the abdominal cavity and uterine wall. In cases where vaginal delivery is not possible for infant and maternal health, caesarean delivery method can be used. A mother who goes to hospital as a normal birth may have to be taken to cesarean section due to any problem. The mother, who has conditioned herself to normal birth, will undergo an immediate medical decision. Medical operation words in mothers fear of caesarean section It can be created. In fact, in order to overcome this fear, caesarean section should not be ignored and information should be obtained about this birth even if normal birth is considered. What about cesarean delivery?


Cesarean delivery method is divided into some branches in itself. Branches separated according to the anesthesia method applied during the operation are as follows.

Cesarean Section with Epidural Anesthesia:

In epidural anesthesia method, the mother becomes conscious and is aware of what is happening around her. An injection is made from the waist of the body. With the right needle between the vertebrae, the drug is injected out of the membrane called dura. The anesthesia duration of the body is approximately 20 minutes.

Cesarean Section with Spinal Anesthesia:

Epidural anesthesia is the same method, but the drug is injected behind the dura membrane. The numbness in the body begins instantly.

Cesarean Section with General Anesthesia Method:

It is an undesirable method today. The mother is unconscious, because the risk of anesthesia acting on the baby also needs to be delivered as soon as the anesthesia starts to affect.

The female body is naturally created for vaginal delivery. Vaginal birth is the most natural birth method. If there are no medical barriers or drawbacks, the expectant mother has the right to choose the method of delivery; however, if the method chosen for any reason is not considered appropriate by the doctor, the doctor may decide the delivery method. In this case, when the doctor's decision cesarean section mothers may experience fear. Fear of cesarean section they can overcome this fear by obtaining the right information.


  • If the mother has previously delivered by cesarean section, cesarean delivery is preferred in the subsequent deliveries. Once a caesarean section is performed, vaginal delivery is also possible (VBAC), but the doctor must give consent to this type of delivery.
  • If the mother has a fear of vaginal delivery, she can personally choose to have a caesarean section. Legally and medically, there is no objection.
  • Vaginal birth is not preferred if the baby or mother is very overweight. If the baby is large, it may cause it to become trapped and breathless. If the mother is overweight, it can cause stitches to stop and bleeding cannot be stopped.
  • Caesarean delivery is preferred in these cases because the baby's standing in a position different from the position required in the womb may cause the baby to reverse during delivery.
  • Vaginal birth is not preferred if the mother has health problems such as anemia and iron deficiency. Blood loss at cesarean delivery can be controlled or additional interventions such as blood donation can be applied more quickly. Therefore, caesarean section method is used.
  • If there are viral infections in the vaginal areas of the mother, caesarean section method is applied because of the risk of transmission of these diseases to the baby during birth.
  • In multiple deliveries, caesarean section method can be applied by doctor's decision.


Before cesarean delivery, the mother must make some preparations. We can list them as follows.

  • Whether the mother is suitable for cesarean delivery before birth should be identified. Therefore, the doctor should be consulted beforehand and necessary examinations should be done.
  • If the mother has anemia or iron deficiency, medications should be taken to bring them to the required levels.
  • Baby health should be checked regularly, problems that may occur during delivery should be considered and precautions should be taken in advance.
  • The type of caesarean section should be decided in advance and all preparations for the birth should be completed.

Does cesarean birth harm children?

If there is a potential danger in vaginal delivery, a caesarean section may be decided by the doctor to eliminate these hazards. Cesarean delivery is performed when vaginal delivery is not safe or vaginal delivery is not preferred by the woman. There are dangerous situations that can occur in both births. Therefore, the physician should decide the safer delivery method. Another reason for fear of caesarean section is that the baby will be harmed. With the correct delivery method and physician's decision, your baby will not be harmed.

  • I'm afraid of caesarean section concern of medical operations is how safe and healthy medical operations. Technology and the pace of medicine today make such operations easier and safer today.
  • To overcome the fear of caesarean section, your primary focus should be on your baby, not the operation you will undergo. Doctors are already taking all the precautions for anything that won't work out. If your baby's health is in place, focus on the moment that your child will open his eyes to the world, not the operation.
  • Spend time with your partner and try to relax by talking about it. You can also ask your partner to be with you during the birth. Having your partner with you will reassure you and reduce your fears. Fear of cesarean section it can be even more difficult when combined with loneliness.


Cesarean delivery is safe when performed by the right anesthesia and by good physicians; however, anesthesia may have transient side effects. These are side effects such as nausea, headache and drop in blood pressure. Although not common, anesthesia-related complications may occur.

After birth, doctors give the necessary medications and minimize these effects. However, in such cases the best method is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water is the best treatment method because it is necessary to replace blood and fluid lost at birth. Walking will also be good.

In addition, problems such as infection at the suture, suture scar and suture bleeding may also be encountered. In these cases, the doctor should be consulted immediately and the necessary treatment should be started.


Women's fear of caesarean section One reason they live is that it is not known how long it will take to return to normal life after birth. If a successful operation has been performed, it can be discharged within 2-3 days. With the development of surgical technologies, the closure time of suture wounds was shortened; however, unpredictable conditions may occur, such as opening the sutures, infection, and coagulation within the uterus. You must adhere strictly to all rules prescribed by your doctor.

Returning to normal life, of course, means that the mother regains her old health. Considering that a surgical operation has taken place, it will take some time for the mother to fully recover. There will be pain during this period. Total recovery time takes longer than vaginal delivery; but now that they will give more space to their lives, more beautiful days are waiting for their mothers and fathers. If there is a fear of caesarean section, this fear can be suppressed by imagining such happy moments.

If you've done research on this before, it's probably indeI'm afraid of cesarean section, what should I do? ” The answers to these questions answered by specialist doctors also show that the most important step is to trust yourself.

Birth is the only way for you and your baby to come together. You should decide with your doctor how this birth will be. If conditions require cesarean delivery and you believe you will succeed fear of caesarean section there is no reason to live. There is another point to remember; When you are worried and scared, your baby may be affected, feared and restless. You should also trust yourself to enjoy it and have a good birth.

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