10 Confessions from 10 Mothers!

10 Confessions from 10 Mothers!

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We don't even have to tell you how difficult motherhood is from time to time. We know from time to time that you have difficulty and there are facts within you that you never tell people. 🙂
We asked confessions from our followers and we share the confession of 10 mothers with you.

1- baba My grandmother takes care of my baby for working. In fact, I have no trouble with her look but I have to admit that I am jealous of my baby from time to time. :( "

2- görüy I see people who have 3 children and weigh 45 pounds, then turn around and look at myself. Did I exaggerate craving too much? 🙂 🙂

3- “I take care to take my baby to the park, I think I am socializing while he socializes. There, it began to give me an interesting pleasure to learn about the lives of different mothers. Park was more fun than I thought! :) "

4- “I try to feed him things like broccoli, okra, cauliflower, but I don't even like any of them! I secretly eat junk food when my baby sleeps. :) "

5- “I love my wife very much, but I think I haven't actually done it since I separated our rooms with my baby. My eye is looking for him ... We want to do the right thing because we listen to pedagogues, but I can't enjoy sleeping with my baby from any other sleep. 🙂 I mean, it was more difficult for my baby to leave the room… ”

6- ze Every day in the park, my aunt squeezes my child's cheek, I smile at you but I don't really like you at all! I can't help but wonder if your hands are dirty. ”

7- “At night, when my baby cries and my wife wakes up, I pretend not to sleep, just to get up and look at it… :) "

8- “Before I became a mother, I promised myself that I would be calm and peaceful. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to break this promise, but I love her so much that I'm loving after 5 seconds. Motherhood is a bit of emotion madness? Iba

9- ORUM I confess: what makes me most happy is poop! Who would be happy to see poop other than a mother? Especially if he can't do it for a long time, he cries, his stomach hurts… There is a festive atmosphere at home. :) "

10- de When I'm very tired, I text him before his father comes home in the evening: - He keeps delirious, he misses you very much… ”. I'm doing things to imply that our baby always wants him, and I send videos and photos until he comes. So I make my wife impatient and have her take care of her all evening. (If there are mothers reading this, I think they should try it :)) ”

Now it's your turn! If you have what you want to admit, leave it in the comments, let's share it with other mothers; let them know that they are not alone. 🙂

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