5 Things You Must Do Before Birth

5 Things You Must Do Before Birth

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Fun Activities for Pregnant Women!

You have seen the double line and a whole new exciting period has started in your life!

Planned or unplanned, for any mother who learns that she is pregnant, nothing is the same anymore. 🙂 New hopes, new plans and 9 months long process…

No matter how pleasant you spend this process and how peaceful you are; in fact, your baby will show a healthy development at this rate. As much as the foods you consume, the activities you are doing during pregnancy are very valuable for your baby's psychology.

Therefore, you expect your baby The more you can spend 9 months, the more valuable it is!

So what can you do?

  • Meet friends you haven't seen in a long time!

    If you do not have a health problem after the baby news, meet your friends, do a lot of activities together. Socializing, meeting different people; very valuable for an individual, even in the womb. Perhaps you can arrange small meetings to tell them about your pregnancy.

  • Go to the movies!

    It is necessary to accept the fact that you cannot go to a cinema for a long time after becoming a mother. 🙂 Since you're going to take care of your baby and want to be with her more, watching plenty of movies and going to the movies can be a relaxing and fun activity while you're pregnant.

Here is the trailer of the film “Baby I'm Coming” made for you, which you can watch while pregnant:

  • Go for a walk!

    One of the most beautiful activities you can do while pregnant is to walk! Especially the outdoor walks will make your birth easier and will save you from the weight you will experience during pregnancy.

  • Plan your weekend holidays with your partner!

    Psychological holidays with your partner will be very good for you. With small weekend plans, you can visit holiday villages close to the region where you live.

  • Hand labor for your baby's room, eye light!

    You can find very nice decor suggestions for your baby's room that you can do at home. By gathering them, you can spend a weekend to do the best for your taste.

Pregnancy period with full bridle activities will flow like water for 9 months!

Pregnant and Birth Psychologist, 0-3 Years Mother Baby Therapist Begüm Kodalak Bilik says:

Mak Spending time is actually a challenge for people even in normal time. Most of us don't spend time with ourselves when we say home, work and basic needs. However, our own health and happiness is more important than anything… But we can forget that in daily rushes. It can be the same when you are pregnant. Baby preparations, doctor checks, business life expectant mothers can also forget to spare time for themselves…

If you are a working expectant mother leaving your role in business and you can start creating time by not bringing home work. You may also need help in your role as a spouse in the house, so don't hesitate to ask your spouse for help, so things get done faster and you can have more time for yourself 🙂

Most important of all do not skip doing things you enjoy. For this, you can comfort yourself by planning your day well and making a list of the activities you enjoy.

Spending time with yourself will make pregnant mothers feel happier and psychologically relaxed as well as everyone else. And remember that if the mother is happy the baby will be happy ?”

Leave a comment on your activities during your pregnancy and make suggestions to expectant mothers. 🙂

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