Baby Development

Importance of Lullabies for Baby Development

Importance of Lullabies for Baby Development

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Importance of Lullabies for Baby Development

Which one of us didn't grow up with a lullaby? “Dandini dandini dastana, calves in the garden. Eeee eeee eeee eee! Iniz When you read this, we are sure that the words seem familiar to you all and come to life in your mind with a similar tune.

Let corner of Turkey which we are in, these words familiar, the familiar melodies. Not only that, many lullaby reminds us of our childhood and takes us to the past

By taking not only us but our child with us, it also helps him to convey the past experiences, habits and lifestyle of our society.

What is Lullaby?

One of the most important oral expressions of Anatolian culture is lullaby. Essentially anonymous folk poetry is one of the varieties. Unlike other types of poetry is spoken in plain language and melodies.

It is a very free species in terms of form. It changes according to the wish of the tune and is not the same rhythm every day according to mood may vary. It can consist of a classical poetry pattern, as well as quatrains and chores that are repeated at regular intervals.

Sometimes, even by breaking all the rules and patterns of literature, the verse can go beyond a writing and convey the emotions of the sayer in the simplest way.

Lullaby is one of the most natural means of communication to convey the feelings of the mother and father to the baby.

What's more, it's more than just telling the current thoughts and feelings of the cultural heritage. It reflects the culture of a society and enables it to be transferred from generation to generation.

History of Lullabies From Past to Present

The history of the lullabies, which have the function of transferring many features from the way of life and society to the country and geography to which they belong, from the culture of eating and drinking to the habits of clothing, goes back to ancient times.

The first written source in Turkish history containing relevant information Mahmut's Divan-ı Lügati't-Türk from Kaşgarlı His work. In this work, lullabies are mentioned as melodies that women say to put their babies to sleep.

Lullabies have been the most powerful means of communication between mothers and their babies in all ages since ancient times. Mothers, grandmother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, including relatives in large families, such as food, cleaning, trying to keep up with the routine household chores could not spend enough time for their children.

The mother who longed for her baby during the day, but in the evening when her offspring to sleep express one's love v. and open one's feelings would have found the opportunity. He would communicate with him by singing lullabies with calming melodies.

New generation parents are included in the nuclear family structure. In this case, although parents are expected to spend more time with their babies, the fact that most mothers are now working has not made it possible to live in a small family.

Tired parents returning home from work, play games and activities with their babies after dinner. But sleep timeis one of the most special moments when they are far from environmental stimuli and interact with one another.

In order to make the most effective use of this time, parents not only tell their babies their love for it, but also lullabies that will give them many skills such as teaching colors, numbers, animal sounds or even English words.

The Role of Lullabies in the Transfer of Tradition and Culture in Our Society

Since ancient times, adults have used lullabies to communicate with their babies. This communication is so strong that you can establish an emotional bond with the baby and gaining cognitive skills as well as the cultural and social traces of the era.

Therefore its importance family relations only and baby development not limited; history and geography in areas such as transfers to the tiny.

If we examine some examples;

The following example gives information about religious belief and it is understood that belief in society exists.

Field road is stony

My child is crescent-eyed

Hu hu an allah

You sleep and God

I hope my son sleep

Everybody say, mashallah

From the example below, it is understood that agriculture and animal husbandry were carried out in the period it belongs and the region it belongs to. It is clear that the region is mountainous, suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry. We can obtain information about the games played in that period from the strings;

Lullaby baby lullaby e, e, e,

Let me grow up e, e, e,

Bring water to his mother e, e, e,

Cut wood for his father, e, e, e,

Go to the fields e, e, e,

Let the animals eat e, e, e,

Let it grow, e, e, e,

Go to the mountains, stones, e, e, e,

Play Poppy, e, e, e,

Steel rod play e, e, e,

Lullaby baby lullaby e, e, e,

Importance of Lullabies in Multidimensional Development of Infants

In the development process of babies, lullabies are more than a means to put them to sleep. In addition to helping to establish a routine in babies' sleep patterns, especially on the development of children from 0 to 6 years the importance of lullabies undeniable.

Here are the effects of lullabies on the development of babies;

Language development

The little ones hear and learn the first words with their mother's lullabies accompanied by soft melodies. After a while they will become familiar with the lyrics and melody and will sing and sing their first songs.

Melodies to babies to talk practice and encourages them to pronounce words.

Cognitive Development

Sometimes the content of quatrains; Includes information about animal names, animal sounds, figures, colors, seasons and many more concepts.

Let the little ones learn to listen to these concepts at regular intervals and cognitive contribute to their development.

Social and Emotional Development

When sleep suppresses, the fatigue of the day weighs heavily on the tiny body. Babies who hear strings that contain the words of love accompanied by emotional names, loved and accepted Feeling he leaves himself asleep safely.

This routine will strengthen the communication between parents and the child over time, to be happy and successful individuals in the future, build a good family will form a solid ground.

Lullabies also contribute to their harmonious behavior in friendship relationships.

Acquiring Self Care Skills

Not all quatrains need to be pre-learned and familiar works. This flexibility helps the mother gain some skills in certain periods.

The importance of brushing teeth with your baby with a lullaby, you can eat your own food, after the toilet washing hands need.

From a young age, the child is required to impose community values, codes of conduct, good and correct behavior. However, it may be frightening to see your baby as an adult and try to provide some information directly.

Attention! Keep in mind that these sentimental melodies, which existed 4,000 years ago and that will happen 4,000 years ago, are the most powerful means of strengthening your communication without touching the soul of both you and your baby.

Lullaby Use a powerful communication tool such as not only to put your child to sleep, but also to support its versatile development.

We talked about the importance of lullabies for your baby's development. I have something to excite you about this.

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