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7 Games to Support Your Baby's Development at Home!

7 Games to Support Your Baby's Development at Home!

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7 Games to Support Your Baby's Development at Home!

Good nutrition and development of babies healthy physical development It is important to show.

However, parents are anxious to feed and protect their offspring in the best possible way, while sometimes ignoring their psychological and mental development.

Happy, confident, intelligent and successful individuals The most important thing you need to do to train is to stay in touch with your baby and spend time effectively.

The best material you will use for this is; You are. Your hands, eyes, looks, facial expressions ız games to play at home With it you can take his creativity and intelligence to the highest levels.

Home Games

The following games, which can be easily installed at home, will lead you, open your horizons, and guide you to build your own games.

Lost Toys

Fun games played at home among the first.

Babies cannot gain object protection until about 8 months; that is, when an object or person goes out of sight, they cannot understand that it is not lost.

When you put a toy under the blanket or leave the room to bring him the food, he thinks that what is going out of his sight is gone. The lost toys entertain your baby with the disappearance of an existing object and at the same time help to gain object protection.

Color your baby loves plush toys, clean cover, carton box or a clean bucket are the necessary materials for our game. Toys are put into the box or bucket before the baby sees.

One of the toys is taken out of the box at random and shown to the baby in communication and chat, and even singing songs from the mouth of the toy.

You can click on the link below to reach the sweet plush toys easily.

//www.e- / search? text = pelu% C5% 9F + toy

Then the cover is covered with the toy and nerede Where is the toy? ”Is called u Disappeared”. As the baby starts to feel sorry for the complete disappearance of the toy, the playful toy under the cover is removed and called “Burdaaaa!..

Then, when you hide and show the other toys in a similar way, the baby's happiness is realized.

It is one of the most favorite games for babies aged 2 and up. All you need except you and your baby And hats. Bring all the hats together and sit in front of the mirror with your baby. Wear one hat at a time, be a different individual with different facial expressions and tone. Then wear your baby's hats one by one to let him watch himself in the mirror. Sepetbol

Some that you think are only played outside games at home also playable, adaptable to home. Basketball, as the name suggests, is a game played with basket and ball.

All you need is a laundry basket and a soft ball that your baby can easily grasp and throw. The baby must be given instructions to throw the ball so that it coincides with the basket, and the mother should direct the basket so that the baby can throw the ball.

Infants who are not yet able to walk can play this game sitting down after their backs are securely supported with pillows or cushions.

The child, who can throw the ball into the basket, will develop self-confidence by feeling the sense of success and will feel the confidence and happiness of having fun with his family.

Hot Cold

3 age home games It is one of the most fun ones among. It can also be played with older children. What you need for the game is your favorite toy and family members.

First of all you need to do is to take your pup out of the room with a family and store the toy in a place where you can easily find it. Your miniature then returns to the room and starts searching for the toy.

You should direct him by saying “cold ında when he gets away from the target,“ hot ında when he gets closer to the target, and “too hot ında when he gets closer. Your baby will establish a cause-and-effect relationship with these guidelines and follow the instructions to experience the goal step by step.

You should first store the object in places where it can be easily found so that your child can experience the sense of success and happiness of finding the object. Then you can choose hard places to add some more excitement to the game.

Once the rules are well understood, you should allow your baby to hide the object and take the leadership role by managing the process.

Let's find the related objects!

Games at home play should be made not only fun, but also support the baby's multi-faceted development.

Let's find the related objects game is a fun game that will improve the cognitive skills of the babies and give them the classification-separation and hand-eye coordination skills.

The most important step is to provide the right materials. Soap and fiber, pencil and paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, plates and spoons, weft and beret, toy stethoscope and toy injector need to find pairs of meaningful and harmonious objects.

You must then give the correct instructions and ask your baby to find matching objects. If you wish, you can give your baby little prizes from the things he loves, such as a slice of apple and a piece of banana.

Fishing Game

Fishing is a fairly simple and fun game where parents are a bit more passive. With this game your baby gains problem solving and self-sufficiency skills, cause-effect relationship Establishes.

On a table where you can sit your baby (you can also use the high chair) with paper tapes long enough to hang from the other side of the table, each with a different color 3-4 pieces of ribbons separately Paste. Hang not too heavy toys on the ends of each of the ribbons and hang them on the side of the table that your child cannot see.

After completing the preparations, bring your mini-table and sit on the table without any explanation. Give him time to notice the ribbons and take care of them. After a while your baby will notice the ropes and will start to pull them.

Your baby will be very happy to discover that toys appear from the other end of the table when you pull the ribbons, and that you see that this situation is under his control.

If your mini doesn't notice the ribbons, you can pull one yourself and draw your mini's attention until a small part of the toy appears.

An easier alternative to the fishing game is to click on the link below.

//www.e- / zuzu-fishing-game-p-zuz-4072 /

Emotion Puppets

Cut the fingers of a clean, light-colored glove close to the palm of the hand. On each gloved finger, draw felt-tip pens and express smileys.

For example, you can use expressions such as happy, angry, scared, sad, sleepy. Put each of these parts on your fingers and make your baby talk to the puppets. Why do puppets create funny stories that will entertain your baby by yourself happy, sad or angry that is.

This game language development and support social interaction and will be able to express their feelings easily in the future.

The most important material in the development of a baby is its parents. It is entirely up to you to use this material correctly. Games to play at home it contributes to your baby's mental, emotional and physical development and strengthens family ties and increases self-confidence.

Make games with your baby to make sure that the house is not just an area where basic needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping are fulfilled, but a cozy home that is completed with the family.


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