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Time to Learn Cycling in Children

Time to Learn Cycling in Children

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When Do Children Start Biking?

When we were kids, most of us have been riding bicycles, isn't that delightful?

It's one of the first things that makes you feel free. Well, don't you think your child deserves to have this enjoyable experience? Sometimes it is time to share this pleasure with your child by competing with friends and sometimes with friends.

No, if you've never been on a bike in your life and you don't know how to do it, it doesn't matter, here's a chance to learn, you can start this business with your child. So let's get started ne

If you're wondering how to improve your baby's motor development, you should watch it:


Start with tricycles:

Tricycles for many children have been the first step to riding bikes.

You can start by getting a tricycle. If you ask yaş What is the appropriate age for this type of bike? Iz, we can tell you that a fairly early age period may be suitable for these bikes.

Even before your child starts walking, you can start to use these types of bicycles, but you can wait for a while as it will make your job easier.

Tricycles have two important things to teach your child first;

  • One is to gain speed from the road by driving his foot and stop himself while continuing his way. Please note that this stage is very important, because it is not easy for the child to apply the hand brake because the hand muscles of the children are not sufficiently developed during this age period, so it is essential that he is able to do this movement to stop.
  • The second thing to be taught is turning the pedal to advance. When teaching your child how to pedal, you should remember that he is still a child, and that the leg muscles and motor ability are not yet very advanced, so they cannot be too fast.

When teaching your child to ride a bike, remember that it is a pleasure and do not force him / her to behave or practice that is not appropriate for his / her development.


When should you switch to a tricycle?

Usually children are ready for bicycles when they reach 5-6 years old, but you should still pay attention to the following signs:

  • If your child is riding a tricycle and his knees are now striking the front of his bike, we can say that your child's height is suitable for a two-wheeled bike.
  • If your child can pedal forwards and backwards
  • If you can control the brakes with your hands, stop the bike at any time, or make a move to stop, it is time for your child to ride a two-wheel bike!

Observe the safety precautions! Always tell your child to wear a helmet when he is riding a bike and get a helmet to wear to your child. Keep in mind that helmet is a very important safety tool to prevent impacts, so make sure your child gets a helmet before something bad happens to him.

And most importantly, be patient…

The most important problem when switching to bicycles will be to balance.

Children manage to balance their body balance on the bicycle around the average age of 6 years. However, the period between the ages of 4-9 is normally accepted as the normal body balance. So you don't need to focus on negative sentences like neden Why can't my child!..

You can read this article to learn more about your child's first bike: // www. / Your child-first-bike /

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