Birth control with hormone spiral

Birth control with hormone spiral

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Hormone spiral is an effective birth control method recommended for women with children. What you want to know about this intrauterine device placed by the doctor in the uterus and secreting a small amount of hormone that prevents unwanted pregnancies ART Medical Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. More professionals named senai aksoy It is cevaplandırıy.

What is birth control?Birth control is all the methods and tools used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Birth control methods are divided into two as reversible and permanent methods. Permanent methods are the connection of tubes in both men and women.Why is birth control important?Unless an effective contraceptive method is used, the result is an unwanted pregnancy and abortion.What is a hormone spiral?Spiral or intrauterine device is the most preferred, reversible birth control method all over the world. The spiral is a T-shaped device and is inserted into the uterus by a doctor during a regular gynecological examination. Hormone spiral is a type of spiral that prevents pregnancy by releasing a small amount of progestin hormone into the uterus.What are the advantages of hormone spiral?First of all, considering that no birth control method is 100% effective, the 99% effectiveness of hormone spiral is a very important advantage. The use of hormone spiral is very easy for women because it does not require anything to do in their daily routine and can be used for up to 5 years. Apart from a simple monthly check your doctor will teach you, you can use as long as you want and even forget the presence of hormone spiral is a method of birth control.Hormone spiral also cures some women experienced intense menstrual bleeding. The amount of bleeding is reduced by 80% at the end of 3 months and 90% at the end of 6 months. When you decide to get pregnant, it is removed by the doctor and you can immediately become pregnant. How to prevent pregnancy with the hormone spiral How to prevent the pregnancy? It prevents the sperm from entering the uterus by darkening the mucus in the cervix.What does the Hormone Spiral look like and is it felt by the woman?Hormone spiral T-shaped, about 3 cm long, made of soft and flexible plastic is not a tool for vaginal vaginal placement. The hormone spiral has ropes that are left outside the uterus, allowing you to check monthly. From time to time your partner may feel these ropes.Who is the hormone spiral suitable for?Your doctor will advise you if the hormone spiral is suitable for you. You and your doctor can determine the most appropriate contraception method for you. However, hormone spiral is generally recommended for women who have children and who are not planning another child soon.What information should I give to the doctor to see if the hormone spiral is suitable for me?You should give your doctor the following information about your health and health history: - Have you had a heart attack or stroke - Do you have problems with congenital heart or heart valve - Do you have a blood clotting problem or do you use blood-thinning medication? -Did you have diabetes (diabetes)? -What are the medications you use regularly? -When you have severe migraine pain? Who is not recommended to the hormone spiral?The hormone spiral is not suitable for you if:- If you have a serious pelvic area infection and have not yet had a healthy pregnancy - If you are at risk of getting a vaginal infection too often (polygamy, polygamy, having a problem with your immune system) cancer or breast cancer, or if you are suspected to have - Unexplained vaginal hemorrhage - If you have a problem with your liver (liver disease or liver tumor) - If you have a condition that disrupts the shape of the uterine cavity, such as myoma - Hormonal spiral or hormonal hormone secretionDoes the use of spiral hormones while breastfeeding harm the baby?Breastfeeding women can use hormone spiral, but at least 6 weeks after birth should be waited. As a result of the use of hormonal spiral while breastfeeding, no negative effects were reported in the health, growth or development of the baby, but a small amount of hormone secreted by the hormone can be detected in the baby's blood by passing into breast milk. However, this is no harm to the baby.Hormone spiral is used in women with intense menstrual bleeding More than 80 ml bleeding in a single menstrual period is often defined as intense menstrual bleeding. If you experience at least one of the following situations, you may have an intense menstrual bleeding problem: - If you have to use both a tampon and a pad during your menstrual period - You have to change a tampon or pad every 2-3 hours - If your clothes have blood stains - You have to get up at night and change a pad If you need to sleep with additional protection, the hormone spiral quickly reduces the intensity of menstrual bleeding, and after 6 months of use the bleeding is reduced by 90%. The hormonal spiral may initially prolong the bleeding time to some extent, but then the bleeding time is shortened.I decided that the hormone spiral is suitable for me, when and how do I get it?It is worn by your doctor within 7 days after the beginning of your menstrual cycle. The hormone spiral can be worn during a normal gynecological examination and the procedure takes only a few minutes. Your doctor may call you for a check in 4-12 weeks. The hormone spiral is then checked only during your annual gynecological examination. You check the location of the hormone spiral on a monthly basis, as your doctor will teach you.Do I feel pain during the insertion of the hormone spiral?You may experience a slight discomfort for a short period of time while wearing the hormone. It is normal for you to feel cramping, mild pain, and dizziness immediately after being placed in your uterus with a hormone spiral. Your doctor may recommend that you take a painkiller. If the cramps become severe or the symptoms last long, tell your doctor. What should I expect after the hormone spiral is inserted? (If you have a more intense bleeding than normal, consult your doctor) -May often you may have mild intermediate bleeding. After your body gets used to the hormone spiral: -Menorrhea will no longer be lighter and shorter.-Your period may continue irregularity. If you have not had any menstruation for 6 weeks and you think you have had pregnancy symptoms, talk to your doctor to rule out the possibility of pregnancy that is too low with the hormone spiral.What should I pay attention to when using a hormone spiral?The hormonal spiral does not require you to do anything in your daily routine and provides a consistently effective birth control. However, it is useful to check the ropes on a monthly basis to check whether the hormone spiral is in place. Your doctor will teach you how to do this check. The only thing you need to feel during control is the spiral ropes. If you feel more of the spiral, the spiral is not in place and may not prevent pregnancy. Tell your doctor if you feel more than the ropes, or if you don't feel the ropes at all, and use an additional birth control method that does not contain hormones.I use a spiral with a hormone, but now I've decided to get pregnant, what should I do?Hormone spiral is a birth control method that gives you flexibility in your family planning. You can continue to be protected for up to 5 years using the hormone spiral. However, if you change your mind at any time and want to get pregnant, the hormone spiral can be removed immediately by your doctor and you can become pregnant. There is no waiting time to become pregnant after the hormone spiral is removed. In fact, according to statistics, 80% of women with hormone spiral can be pregnant in the first year. After using the hormone spiral for 5 years, if you still do not want to have children, your doctor can remove the expired hormone spiral and simultaneously wear a new hormone spiral. Thus, you can continue to be protected more effectively for 5 years. The removal of the hormone spiral takes just a few minutes, just like the insertion.What are the most common side effects of hormone spiral?-Spiral discomfort, dizziness, mild bleeding and cramping (these are normal symptoms, but if you intensify) complete discontinuation of menstrual bleeding after use - Especially in the first 3-6 months of irregular menstrual bleeding and intermittent bleeding (in this period may increase the amount of bleeding. However, your body gets used to the hormone spiral decreases and the bleeding period is shortened) - Lower abdominal pain (ongoing and If you have severe pain, tell your doctor) - Cyst formation in the ovaries (these cysts are mostly harmless and disappear by themselves within 1-2 months)

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