All About Twin Pregnancy!

All About Twin Pregnancy!

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All About Twin Pregnancy!

When you decide to have a child and find out that you are pregnant, there is no happier world than you. Bringing a part of yourself into the world, being a soul to it, being a family above all, makes you very excited.

You're looking forward to your doctor's checks, and you can't wait to learn something about the little belly. Like any expectant mother, your worries and fears about your pregnancy will certainly be.

However, ask your doctor. twin pregnancy When you receive news of these concerns begin to increase in layers. You will be amazed that there is a possibility that has never crossed your mind.

Having two babies instead of one indicates that your family is widening, but this varies in terms of the course of pregnancy compared to normal pregnancies.

Types of Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancies, multiple pregnancy among the most common varieties. Pregnancies such as triplets and quadruplets may also occur;

Twin pregnancy is experienced in 1 in 80 births.

There are some varieties of twin pregnancies:

Fraternal twins

'Dizygotic twins' also known as double twins, two separate brothers and sisters. It occurs when two different egg cells are fertilized with two different sperm cells at the same time.

These babies gender and images can be completely different from each other. They can be as similar as brothers who were born at different times. The placenta and amniions are also separate because two different fertilization occurs.

Identical twins

'Monozygotic twins' The situation is different in twins, also called single eggs. A sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell, but during cell division, the fertilized egg is divided into two. two separate embryos creates.

Same twins have the same sex, same appearance and same genetic structure. The status of amnion and placentas varies according to the time of division of the egg and constitutes the types of identical twins.

Diamniotic Dichorionic Twin Pregnancy

Eggs, fertilization After 3 days It is a twin pregnancy in which two amniotic sacs and two placentas are formed.

Diamniotic Monochoryotic Twin Pregnancy

After fertilization With dividing between 4-8 days twin amniotic sacs and one placenta. The most common is the twin pregnancy.

Monoamniotic Monochoriotic Twin Pregnancy

After fertilization Between 9-13 days is an amniotic sac and a placenta.

To determine the type of twin pregnancy, course of pregnancy and in terms of the form of birth of great importance.

What is Twin Pregnancy?

Many parents are wondering what needs to be done to have twin babies. On the one hand they want to have twins while wondering this situation on the other hand 'how is twin pregnancy? ' by asking the answer to the question they want to learn this miraculous event.

The manner in which twin babies occur according to the type also varies.

Two egg twins with two different sperm two separate insemination When it comes to forming, a fertilization occurs in identical twins and the fertilized egg is then divided into two to form twins.

In any case, no need to do anything for twin pregnancy to occur, whether single or twin.

But in some special cases, twin pregnancies are more likely to experience:

  • Advanced maternal age

Pregnant women in older ages are more likely to have twin babies. Especially Between 30-35 years As the probability of getting pregnant decreases, the probability of twins will increase as the body can throw more than one egg during a menstrual period.

  • IVF Treatments

Multiple treatments for having a baby embryo transfer twin pregnancy rate also increases.

  • Previous Pregnancy Twin
  • A prospective mother is a twin or has a twin family history on the maternal side

Although it is a genetic predisposition, expectant mothers with twin births are more likely to have twin pregnancies. 'Twin pregnancy comes from mother or father? ' For the question, the twin history of the expectant mother is more important than the father 's history of twins.

  • Tall and overweight women have higher rates of twin pregnancy.

What Are the Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy?

Some cases of women are considered signs of pregnancy. In twin pregnancies, there are some symptoms that support the expectation of expectant twins and twin baby symptoms It is considered.

  • Pregnant mothers vomiting and nausea complaints are more common.
  • Since the pressure exerted by the two babies on the bladder will be greater, twin pregnancies are more likely than normal pregnancies. urination It may occur.
  • In twin pregnancies, weight gain may begin earlier and weight gain may be higher. An increase of approximately 20 pounds until the end of pregnancy is considered normal.
  • Complaints such as fatigue and weakness may occur more frequently.
  • The mother's abdomen may begin to become more pronounced faster, because the uterus will begin to grow faster.
  • When pregnancy test is done B-HCG value higher.

These symptoms are likely to occur in mothers who are pregnant with twins. However, there is no definite case that every twin waiting woman will experience the same symptoms!

In addition, it is not correct to say that the expectant mother will have twin births. Although these symptoms are highly likely to occur, the presence of twin pregnancy cannot be confirmed without detailed ultrasound control.

Childbirth in Twin Pregnancy

When to Tell Twin Baby

The presence of twin pregnancy can be determined by the fact that the blood values ​​are well above normal within one month after fertilization, ie up to the 5th week.

However, it will not be possible to make a final decision without going through a detailed ultrasound check. At the 7th week, the baby's heartbeats can be heard, so that twin pregnancies can be clarified by hearing the heartbeats of the twin babies.

From the 11th week, single or double placenta The type of twin pregnancy can be determined.

In short, how many twins a week In the fifth week, while twin suspicion becomes evident, at the 7th week, twin pregnancy will become definite with the heart beats heard.

11-15. As the placenta can be differentiated between twins will be determined.

Also, the sex of twin babies, Between 15 and 20 weeks It can be learned.

What should be the mode of delivery in twin pregnancies?

In twin pregnancies, normal delivery is possible if there is no problem with the arrival of the babies and two babies come from the head side.

However, in vaginal births, even if the babies come from the beginning, a decrease in pains can be seen after the birth of the first baby and the birth of the other baby may be delayed.

This may put the baby's life at risk. The fact that two separate babies will be born in twin pregnancies may make birth to a risky position. Therefore, cesarean delivery is generally preferred by doctors in twin pregnancies.

Everything you need to know about cesarean birth! You can review our article.

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What are the risks of twin pregnancy?

  • The risk of miscarriage is higher in twin pregnancies.
  • The risk of pregnancy tension of the expectant mother increases.
  • Anemia is a more common problem in twin pregnancies.
  • The possibility of preterm birth is higher in twins.
  • Babies are likely to be born with low birth weight.
  • Twins have a higher risk of growth retardation.
  • One baby, called twin to twin transfusion syndrome, may develop and develop better than the other.

Maternal and twins' health twin pregnancy, risks; however, it is an inevitable fact that you will count the days to have a healthy pregnancy under the supervision of your doctor with regular checks and take them on your lap as soon as possible.

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