Mothers in Rebellion! they #isyankarann

Mothers in Rebellion! they #isyankarann

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Let all the rebellious mothers come…

Rebellious Mothers

Sleepless nights started again.
Auntie, still, very smart moms.
Mentoring like a pedagogue.
Lullabies no longer benefit…

Eating it makes eating gas.
Herbal tea keeps the inner satiated.
Too breastfeeding, too poop.
My mother keeps jazzing.

The idea comes out of every head.
Isn't there an expert for my baby?
The truth.
If I knew, I'd relax.

Someone shared on Face,
That's not how the baby lies.
Mama wasn't heated like that either.
No gas from shaking.

My empty stomach is full
No one knows
Gives you lots of ideas!
It's hard to be a mother, and ask me
In all these headaches, he also exhausts himself.

I hope this comes in good.
Everyone, professor mashallah.
Especially, don't listen, mazallah.
I'm tired now illallah…

Every business trial and error,
Don't fever, but don't cuddle,
Don't tie the gold like that,
Don't forget we gave birth to you!

My empty stomach is full
No one knows?
Gives you lots of ideas!
It's hard to be a mother, ask a specialist…
Because the answer to the question!

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