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How Does Your Baby Sleep Alone?

How Does Your Baby Sleep Alone?

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Baby care is perhaps the most arduous task for parents in the world. The daily care, sleep and nutrition of this delicate creature will be quite different from that of a normal adult.

The only way to cry and express each thing you want is to put the little ones to sleep, which can sometimes be quite challenging. For newborns, the situation is slightly different, because they spend most of the day sleeping as the distinction between day and night has not yet settled and they are trying to adapt to the outside world.

But when your baby starts to notice the environment, things change a bit. Babies who sleep during the day and resist to sleep at night or waking up at night with short sleep can turn the life of working parents into a nightmare.

Therefore, as your pup begins to grow sleep patterns and habits too It should change, gradually adapt to you. The first question that needs to be answered in order to achieve this harmony is; 'how the baby sleeps to himself?'

Your baby may be a very devoted baby, but this is not an obstacle for him to learn to sleep alone! Well how babies get used to sleeping on their own, how can your baby learn it?

What is the ideal time for your baby to start sleeping alone?

When your little angel is born, she will spend most of the day sleeping and waking up. Because the average of a newborn baby per day Asleep between 16-18 hours Since the rest of the day will also be spent with feeding, baby care takes place a little more comfortably during this period. your Baby 1-2 months old daily sleep time gradually shortens and It drops to 13-14 hours. During this period, you should awaken your baby and feed him again to sleep as your breastfeeding continues at night.

When your mini is 3-4 months old, it starts to distinguish between day and night concepts and can feel the difference between day and night sleep. Therefore, 'when babies sleep on their own? ' The period of awareness that they are 3-4 months will be an ideal time period.

A baby, about 4 months old, can fall asleep when left alone in bed. Moreover, during these periods, you do not have to wake your baby to feed at night.

When you feed your baby at midnight, it will keep her full until the morning hours. This way, you can practice your little puppy to sleep alone in your bed.

Why is it important for children to sleep alone?

Infants self-sleepis a very valuable event, especially for working mothers. However, your child's getting used to sleeping alone also plays an important role in his or her personal development.

The benefits of sleeping alone for parents;
  • When your pup is able to sleep alone, you can dive again without the need for you, even if you are awake from the night's sleep, and you do not have to wake up at night.
  • You don't have to shake your baby on your lap or foot to sleep.
  • The time and energy you spend to put your pup to sleep is less.
The benefits of sleeping alone for babies;
  • Baby sleepingthe individuality is easier.
  • The baby's self-confidence increases and consequently a sense of curiosity develops.
  • It prepares the ground for the future to become a self-sufficient and courageous individual.
  • The baby, who can sleep alone, does not insist on sleeping with his parents.

Methods for Baby Self-Sleeping

Your baby, who first fell asleep on your sheep and with the speed of light like a lapel pin, will start to try different styles as they grow up. Some babies want to be shaken up, some babies sleep with their parents and some babies want you to stay with them while you sleep in bed.

But eventually your puppy will have to learn to sleep alone. The earlier this learning takes place in terms of individual development, the more beneficial it is for both parties. Well how babies sleep on their own?

There are some methods you can try at this stage;

  1. First of all with your baby sleep ritual You can create. This ritual, which will be useful in terms of understanding your time to sleep and facilitating the transition to sleep; warm-water hand-face washing, wearing pajamas, turning off the lights and maybe turning on a night light, bottle-feeding or breastfeeding may include actions such as acquiring a favorite toy sleep companion.
  2. If you do the same things every night in the same order, your pup will get used to this order more quickly and will understand that he needs to sleep.
  3. If your baby cries and does not sleep when you put it to bed; it may be useful to let him cry for a while instead of taking it immediately. After 3-5 minutes of crying you can pause your back without stopping when you stop crying. When he cries again, you must do the same thing again and continue without talking or holding him. Your baby will slowly fall asleep. If the crying time is prolonged, you can take it on your lap and lay it down again just by shaking its back without shaking.
  4. In your baby's room to get used to single sleep low-noise relaxing music You can open.
  5. You can bathe your baby with warm water before going to bed to ensure that it is soaked and relaxed when you leave it in bed.
  6. It is important to be careful not to communicate too much with your baby who wakes up at night and not to talk. So he can fall asleep again.
  7. With a technique called tilt-lift method, you can recuperate your baby from his / her own place, and when you get up again, you can create a cycle by re-laying it and let your baby give up and sleep.

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What prevents your baby from sleeping on his own?

Babies have more difficulty in falling asleep at night than in short nap during the day. The real reason for this situation is that when your little pup sleeps at night, it is much longer than you do. would stay separate and away It is feeling.

Therefore, they both resist when it is time to sleep at night and do not want to sleep alone.

Families who want to accustom their children to sleep alone have some points to consider. 'How to make the baby sleep? ' first, you should eliminate situations that prevent it.

  • If there are objects around your child's bed that will catch his or her attention, you should move them away from your baby's bed during this exercise.
  • Afraid of being alone in his room and in the dark, dim night light lighting will be very useful to ensure that you can sleep alone.
  • He must remove the objects around him that remind him of playing and sleep time and make sure you feel the separation of the game time.

How to Sleep Baby without Shaking?

The habits from the first months of your mini can start to cause you problems as your baby grows. Your baby you sleep with 3-4 kiloyken while shaking on your lap or standing, 'how to get used to sleeping baby self? ' can be quite difficult to put to sleep during a period you say.

Because the baby, who is accustomed to this ritual, will get cranky and want to rock when left to bed to fall asleep. However, shaking your pup with increasing weight will wear you out. Well 'How to sleep baby without shaking?'

With your baby who doesn't want to give up what she's used to start to work stubbornly, will be the most accurate.

You can't just give up your baby's shaking action and wait for him to sleep alone. Therefore, if you wish to sleep alone and not to shake, do so. slowly you must reduce.

Instead of shaking your foot, you can gently rock the cradle by placing it on the bed or cradle. It will be useful to caress your back where you lie and shake it slightly.

You can also simplify this process by using a calm sleep music, a lullaby from the mother's voice, or a loved one as a sleeping companion.

The most beautiful sleeping companion for your baby is hidden in the link below. Click now!

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'How does the baby sleep on its own? ' many different answers can be given to the parents. Each baby is a different personality and the habits and habits of each baby will vary.

As long as you maintain your determination and calmness as a parent, you will see that your baby has succeeded.

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