6 Ways to Prevent Gas Pain in Pregnancy!

6 Ways to Prevent Gas Pain in Pregnancy!

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While it is embarrassing for many to talk about, everyone exudes gas many times a day. This is a humanitarian situation. In some cases, the amount of gas accumulated in our bodies may increase and be uncomfortable. Pregnancy is one of these conditions.

Gas pain during pregnancymay be a nightmare for many expectant mothers, but once you know what to consider, you can solve this problem.

Why is there a gas pang in pregnancy?

  • From the first weeks of pregnancy, the level of pregnancy hormone increases. These hormones cause symptoms in pregnancy symptoms. Growing progesterone level slows down your digestive system. This means that the food stays longer in your body. Therefore, more gas is accumulated in your body than usual.
  • Your uterus will gradually grow in later weeks of pregnancy. The growing uterus pushes your intestines into your stomach to make room for yourself. So your digestive system slows down. Also, as the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the stomach, feeling bloated causes.
  • Pregnancy hormones don't want your badness. They work for you and your baby. There are just things he overlooked in doing so. These hormones relax the muscles in your body and therefore you cannot easily hold your gas. When this happens, you involuntarily release gas at times.
  • Nutrition gas pains and bloating during pregnancy causes. Consuming acidic foods is a form of diet that invites you to have a fast and high amount of gas problems. Constipation causes gas and bloating.

6 Ways to Prevent Gas Pain in Pregnancy!

  • Consume plenty of water.
  • Pay attention to your choice of food.
  • Move Abundantly.
  • Choose Casual Clothes.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Stay away from smoking.

Pregnancy has many symptoms, but knowing that it's worth the good thing to expect will help you get through it. Well, in pregnancy gas and bloating has Let's look at how you can fight;

Consume plenty of water!

Even if you are not pregnant 8-12 glasses of water Drinking is beneficial for your body.

If you are pregnant, the importance of water increases twice. Ultimately your belly is swimming in the water right now. We are aware that you are on the way to the toilet, but you should never think “I don't drink much water etim.

You can review our article on nutrition recommendations during pregnancy.

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Pay attention to your meal choice!

The things we eat have a great effect on the amount of gas accumulated in our bodies.

Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radish, onion, celery and cucumber; When you consume legumes such as lentils and red beans, you will notice that you have more gas pains.

Pear, peach, apricot, plum, orange and banana bloating during pregnancy and gas-producing fruits. Some of these may not affect you. For this reason, you can note the food you eat, then you can observe whether you have gas and bloating problems.

You can see our video about pregnancy information.

Your meals should be frequent and small. The nutrients that will be loaded to your digestive system in a moment due to your hormones, bloating and gas problem cause you to live.

You should not rush while eating at the same time. Fast food causes you to swallow more air. That means more gas. If you have a habit of having drinks while eating, you should give up.

In order to avoid gas pains during pregnancy, you should stop consuming liquids half an hour before a meal and take care not to consume for an additional hour after a meal. You should also sit down to avoid indigestion and not lie down immediately after a meal.

Processed meat products during pregnancy, spicy sauces, fried and fatty foods you should stay away. Food like this can upset your stomach.

If you are experiencing constipation, you should first solve this problem. You should consume plenty of fiber and pulp foods to prevent constipation. Fibrous foods It facilitates the passage of water to the intestines and thus softens your stool. You can also drink herbal teas such as chamomile tea.

Some herbal teas may not be good for pregnant women. You can ask your doctor which amount you can drink.

Pregnancy is not an obstacle for you to move, you should act on the contrary!

When people around you are pregnant, you are always given ideas on what to do and what to do. Some are very unnecessary and wrong, but some are true. For example, it is good for you to do sports while you are pregnant. There are many benefits of doing sports during pregnancy.

One of them is to regulate your intestinal system. Doing sports will solve your constipation problem, so gas pains in pregnancy and you will get rid of your bloating problem.

In addition, sitting and standing still makes it difficult to remove the gas from your body. The easiest pregnancy sport is walking. If you walk outdoors for at least half an hour a day, you will get fresh air, you will feel good and your digestive system will work properly.

Walking outside pregnant pilates or pregnant yoga are also nice options. Many gyms are now offering separate group classes for pregnant women. Sign up for one of these and see how well it will come to you.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

Your belly will swell gradually over the weeks and you will have to say goodbye to your old clothes for a while. It is very important for you and your baby to feel comfortable while you are pregnant.

The clothes that squeeze you will put pressure on your stomach and affect your digestive system. gas problem during pregnancy makes you live. So instead of wearing tight pants to tighten your belly, prefer casual clothes.

If you don't have a suitable clothing for your belly, you can choose pregnant clothes that you will feel stylish and comfortable. Click the link below to review it now.

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If you are in pain, sew your feet up!

When you are experiencing gas pains during pregnancy, lie down and lay your feet up in the air to reduce the pains. Thus, you will distribute the pressure your baby put on your stomach and your digestive system starts to work faster.

Stay away from stress!

We hear you say, “Is this also stress?. Stress is such a thing that it can adversely affect every part of our body. Some of us swallow more air when we feel stressed.

This causes more gas to accumulate in our stomach. Therefore, we are more often faced with the problem of gas pains and bloating. You can learn the right breathing techniques and do meditations such as yoga that will free you from negative thoughts.

These activities will help you to have a calm and stress-free pregnancy.

Stay away from smoking!

Smoking during pregnancy is one of the worst things you can do to your baby. One of the tons of harm to smoking is that it increases the acidity of the stomach. So you will have more gas complaints.

How do I know if this is a gas pains or a harbinger of birth?

If you've had a baby before, laborYou may be able to differentiate, but if it is your first pregnancy you may have difficulty distinguishing it. Then let us help you understand which pain you are experiencing;

  • The range of pain is the most distinctive feature. Labor pains approx 5 minutes intervals, and the level of contractions gradually increases and the interval time decreases. We can define this pain in a similar way to menstrual pain. Gas pains are more irregular and sharp than birth pains. It is not felt periodically, such as labor.
  • Approximate pain 5-6 hours ahead Think about what you eat. If you've consumed gassing foods, you've found the source of the problem.
  • During gas pains you will feel bloated. In labor, you will feel contractions in all the muscles in your abdomen.
  • If you have pain and discomfort in your stomach, you are probably suffering from gas pains.
  • Problem when you reach out to the air or when you stand whether you can solve see, because if you have gas, you can solve the problem this way.

When should I go to the doctor?

If you experience constipation for 1 week or more, your pains are very severe and whatever you do does not decrease; nausea, vomiting and if blood comes from your stool consult your doctor immediately.

Many people suffer from gas pains during pregnancy. If you take care of your diet, exercise and consume plenty of fluids, you can minimize these gas pains.

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