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3 books for your baby

3 books for your baby

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Writer: Contact Çiğdem directly

Illustrated by: Mavisu Demirağ

Publisher: Flying Fish Publications

Age: 4+

A red shoe hidden in the pictures and a little hero in pursuit…

She loved her red shoes, little girl. He goes with him everywhere, he goes to bed, he gets up with him. But what happened one morning? When he woke up, he couldn't find one of his shoes, little girl. He looked under the bed, in the closets, but he wasn't there. He decided to go out and look for it. He asked the neighbor who spoke with his flowers, the grocery store, the grocery store, the cheerful swallow, the monkey jumping from branch to branch, and even the full moon. But no one had seen his red shoe. Now that he was tired and had no hope, he decided to go home, little girl. On his way home he came across the owl and asked him about the last resort. The owl said: "Where does it go by itself, the last shoe you saw?" The little girl thought. Where could he have seen his last shoe? She couldn't have been with her all day, could she? Or could it be?

The story of Çiğdem Gündeş, a play-seeking adventure with the drawings of Mavisu Demirağ, Kırmızı Ayakkabı.

Come on

Writer: Paula Carballeira

Illustrated by: Laura von Husen

Publisher: Apple Publishing

Age: +4

It all started when the lamb's canary Trinket wanted to open its cage. But things didn't work out the way he wanted to, because his mom said he couldn't open the cage door, his canary wasn't used to flying. Kuzucuk: "Then why does she have wings, mother?" She asked. His mother said: "Have you gathered your room?" And, as he guessed, left Kuzucuk alone with his question. If he doesn't know how to fly, why did the birds have wings if the living space was a cage? Lamb thought, thought and decided! He was going to introduce Trinket to his freedom. Step by step… How? First of all, he wouldn't call him my canary anymore. He would say that he didn't have to belong to anyone, that he sang very nicely, and that other birds might want to hear it too. He would wait patiently, wait, wait. Until the canary spread its wings to fly!

To those who discover our wings, care and freedom…


Written and illustrated by: View Elif's Full Profile

Publisher: Redhouse Kidz Publications

Age: 3+

We first met Elif Yemenici with her beautiful and naïve story "My Heart Broken!". Thanks to this book, a very cute little hero named Kalben was also included in our lives.

Now Elif Yemenici introduces us to her new friends: Cemşit and Lorin.

Considered the oldest settlement in human history, Hasankeyf is the inspiration for a children's book. In this story, which Elif Yemenici penned by meeting a little girl during a trip to Hasankeyf, we share the adventure of the stork and her friend Lorin who has been sitting on a minaret in Hasankeyf for years without emigrating.

Unlike the storks flying away before the weather cools down, Cemşit has been sitting on top of a long minaret for years. Of course, while all the storks in the town migrate, Cemşit is not going to say a little strange that they do not say anything. Cemşit is startled by a voice coming from his day long minaret while watching around. He looks around, sees a little girl jumping on his lap and Cemşit asks: "What are you trying to catch up, little girl?" This girl, named Lorin, says that she is trying to gather the stars who are tired and lost in the sky, heal them, unite the broken ones and finally help them to go back to the sky where they belong. But I think he needs someone to help him catch up with the stars. Can Cemşit help Lorin with this?

A warm story from Hasankeyf awaits you.


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