Vagina Pain and Vagina Stinging During Pregnancy

Vagina Pain and Vagina Stinging During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very beautiful and exciting period. There are some problems during pregnancy.

At the beginning of the problems experienced during pregnancy vaginal pain and ingrown vagina It comes. It is necessary to know that these disorders are experienced in almost all mothers.

How does vaginal pain and stinging occur during pregnancy?

One of the benefits of pregnancy is vaginal pain. At different times of this period, low back pain, back pain or vaginal pain, vagina sinking, such as the usual things.

The main cause of back and lumbar pain, Keeps water in joints and loosening between 1 and 2 months of pregnancy. increase vaginal pains shows.

These pains are delayed your period. 2-3 weeks after pain begins to be seen. But exactly these pains and stinging 12th or 16th week manifests itself.

During pregnancy, the muscles in the uterus stretch and begin to shorten. For this reason, vaginal pain and vaginal stinging occurs.

Vaginal pain is not felt in the first weeks of your pregnancy, but in later stages, as the uterine contractions manifest later.

An important point here is the mother Having her first pregnancy. Vaginal pain of mothers who have experienced their first pregnancy can also be seen in the first weeks of pregnancy. As we have mentioned, expectant mothers who experience their first pregnancy feel vaginal pain more because they do not experience uterine enlargement or enlargement.

Vagina pain in mothers who have experienced pregnancy as the baby grows and heavier It is felt.

What Relieves Vagina Pain?

Particularly in the late stages of your pregnancy, the uterus expands and contracts more. This is one of the reasons that increase vaginal pain. One thing to be aware of is that vaginal pain during this period is mostly herald of birth can.
  • If you and your expectant mothers act in an instant, they will increase vaginal pain even more. Therefore, you should avoid sudden or adverse actions, plenty of rest must.
  • One of the elements that will alleviate your vagina pain take a warm shower and relax It will be. Resting after taking a warm shower alone and not taking much action will alleviate your vagina pain.

If these pains come too long and there are problems like bleeding, specialist doctor application. We wish you have a healthy pregnancy without having these problems.

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