All Details About Surrogacy!

All Details About Surrogacy!

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Every living being is born, lives and dies in a life cycle. Human life cycle consists of 5 periods: infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

Each period has certain developmental characteristics and a number of periodic needs arising from these developmental characteristics. Priority needs of adulthood having a job, work, produce and start a family and have children.

Therefore, it is natural that most adults want to be a mother or father. However, this natural desire may not always be realized naturally due to a number of health problems.

Instead of the idea of ​​not being adults, parents, sometimes in a situation where even the most complicated treatments do not work surrogate mother start to think.

For you, we investigated the great unknown about how the process of surrogacy works, whether it is legal, where to apply.

What is Surrogacy?

Surprisingly, surrogate motherhood was first applied and successful in the United States in 1986 for many parents who dream of conception. This method is intended to have children, but couples who cannot get pregnant because of health problems the birth of a baby that carries its own genes through another mother.

Surrogacy method, It is a gateway to be a mother and father of every couple who wishes if certain conditions are met.

As the name suggests, the person who gives birth to the child in surrogacy only acts as a carrier. The baby is genetically owned by the couple who wish to have a baby and the carrier is responsible provide favorable conditions for the attachment, growth and development of the embryo and ultimately the process of labor.

After birth, the surrogate mother delivers the baby to her genetic parents and her role in the process is legally terminated forever.

Who can have a surrogate?

Surrogate mother should not be seen as a method that can be applied immediately if the woman cannot become pregnant. Before applying this method, depending on the type of problem and the need for treatment; All other necessary drug treatments, IVF treatment, artificial insemination, vaccination Many methods should be tried.

If these methods fail, individuals with one or more of the following problems may consider the surrogate program.

  • Women who have had to have their uterus removed due to health problems
  • Non-congenital
  • The uterus is not capable of holding the embryo and does not fully meet the necessary conditions
  • Although many pregnancies occur in previous periods, those who do not continue pregnancy and those who have miscarriage
  • Those who have health problems that pose a life-threatening risk of giving birth other than gynecological diseases.

Is is legal in Turkey Border Carrier mother?

In Turkey, the mother is a carrier should be related ads along with the popularization of the Internet and demand of people wanting to have a baby with this method we are able to come across every day.

Surrogate mother is not legal within the borders of Turkey. It is absolutely a crime to reach such an agreement with someone within the borders of our country and to perform this operation in any health institution.

Our laws egg and sperm accepts the person who gives birth to the baby as a legal mother regardless of who it belongs to. In such a case, it is not possible for a carrier to give birth to another baby.

The most important reason for the crime is the concern that it has become a sector made to earn money. Although the surrogate mother crime laws that other countries in the method of borders Turkey.

Cyprus, Georgia, India, Thailand, United States of America As such, countries have become surrogates to their official procedures and all the procedures necessary for the process are legal in these countries.

These countries have created a health tourism sector and serve to the citizens of other countries through health agencies. Therefore, although Turkish citizens cannot do this method within the borders of our country, they can be performed by reliable health agencies in other countries.

These health institutions never leave the choice of surrogate parents to the parents themselves. Institutions allow people of their choice to carry out carriage provided that they have passed all the necessary health screenings.

How is the surrogate pregnant?

One of the most curious about the method surrogate mother how to get pregnant is the answer. With this method, the process of conception does not take place naturally.

First of all, the couple, who wants to have a baby, learn the details about the process from the legal institution that they will have a transaction with. They then undergo detailed health checks and if they do not have any problems with the couple's reproductive cells healthy egg cell and sperm cell Taken.

The next process is just like IVF treatment progress.

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After the person to be the carrier has passed the necessary health checks and it is seen that there is no objection to carry the baby, the parties encounter a procedure that they will accept as partners.

Within the framework of legal rules, both the couple and the person who will carry on the pregnancy mutually express their expectations and an agreement is reached. After the agreement, the eggs and sperm that have been fertilized in the laboratory have reached a certain maturity and embryo After it becomes the surrogate mother is placed in the womb.

If the baby clings and the pregnancy continues smoothly, the couple can take delivery after delivery. In this case, the baby genetically belongs to the couple and hereditary couple's natural ways There is no difference from having a baby.

But how can a surrogate mother get pregnant if the reproductive cell of one or both couples is not healthy enough to carry out fertilization?

In such a case, if the egg cell is needed, the carrier can also be an egg donor if it wishes. Otherwise different donors for both sperm and egg available. In such a case, which of the couples' reproductive cells were used, the baby has only kinship with him.

Many couples who want to have children but cannot because of health problems surrogate mother with the puppies can take.

Yet Turkey and several European countries, this method is not legal. The biggest reason for being unlawful is that it is feared that the business will turn from a voluntary basis to a sector where it will be forced to do business with commercial concerns.

Also the carrier to connect with the baby and genetic owners avoidance of experiencing such a situation.


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