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Is your child Aggressive and Angry? The secret lies in Mars!

Is your child Aggressive and Angry? The secret lies in Mars!

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Dear parents, In my first article, I talked to you about what information you can access through your astrological birth chart.

With astrological counseling, you can get tips in many different areas of life, including your child's behavior, his / her reactions in certain situations, his / her learning model, his / her competencies and abilities, his / her peer relationships, his / her professional potential and even how he / she sees you. Click the link below to access the article.

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In this article, we show you our energy on the birth chart, our methods of action. "anthem" I will tell you how your child is motivated and how he chooses to fight through the horoscope where his planet is located.

Let us first look at what the planet Mars represents astrologically;
  • It shows our principle of fighting, our sense of competition and the issues we pioneer.
  • Necessary for us to survive our energy and physical strength Shows.
  • Imagine your child saying "no" to everything. Mars energy is the cut-and-break movement that we perform, even in a brutal or harsh, sharp way, to get out of authority, to reveal our individual desires and needs. Our willpower is areas where we take initiative. So your child "no" saying, is the energy to put forward their own wishes. The Mars sign shows how to do it.
  • It's our defense mechanism. Sometimes it's selfish.
  • The areas we get angry with, how we show our sense of anger. Mars needs to be expressed in a healthy way, because suppressed anger physiological or psychological disorders çocuk Especially at a young age, the child, who cannot see that anger and individuality are expressed correctly in the family, may have difficulty in expressing his own desires in a safe and balanced way in adult life zor.
  • It is about reproducing, producing, starting out, being motivated, acting.
  • It demonstrates our strategy of action and, in fact, there is little room for diplomacy where Mars is. Rough and cruel or belligerent, aggressive, cruel shows the areas we are.

So, do you wonder what kind of warrior your child is according to his sign? What do you think your child's basic needs are when it comes to expressing himself and being motivated? How should you approach him? Come on, let's have a look.

Mars in Aries, becomes independent. He wants to explore, conquer, do what has not been done before. If he thinks his freedom and desires are blocked. hard and crusher manners It may exhibit. It works better alone, takes initiatives.

Mars in Taurus, uses its energy practically. Stable and stable. Quick starts are not after you. His movements are aimed at a purpose. It is not usually easily angry, but it accumulates emotions and may show intense anger when you do not expect it. It wants to protect its security and works in a way that produces concrete results.

Mars in Gemini: Acts with his mind and tongue. He is curious, wants to learn, uses knowledge as power. He is successful in word duels. He can be quite charming and convincing at any time. But he also speaks out his aggressive energy. He may not be able to start many projects and work at the same time and complete them all.

Mars in Cancer: It does not express their wishes directly. If he encounters obstacles, he will not confront the other party clearly. It may have passive, aggressive exits, or make emotional exploits such as resentment or guilt. Protection will take action by creating emotional security with the desire to watch.

Mars in Leo: Energetic, willed, creative. He will reveal himself generously, cheerfully and openly. He can exhibit dramatic, pretentious attitudes to achieve his desires. Want to do permanent jobs. He could be a proud and ego warrior. He will want to be strong, to lead.

Mars in Virgo: He will be cautious about revealing himself. His requests will go after him in a planned way. He becomes methodical and meticulous. Be successful in jobs that require detailed work. Health and hygiene can be obsessed with body issues.

Mars in Libra: In his social circle, he wants to be approved by his family. Therefore, you will need positive words from you to take action. Fair and impartial. However, it is weak in decision-making. He doesn't know how to fight. It may exhibit contradictory attitudes for approval.

Mars in Scorpio: It will be quite strategic, goal-oriented, concealed and discreet. He always has a purpose and works for it. It manages crises very well. He is determined and brave, but can always make selfish decisions because he always thinks of himself first. He can engage in power battles.

Mars in Sagittarius: It will be optimistic, open, adventure-loving. He wants to explore, travel, learn. Sometimes, because of this state of things to leave tomorrow, postpone, such as attitudes can be. He could be impertinent and arrogant. He'il want to believe something and go after it. He wants to talk about thoughts, philosophical issues, and faith.

Mars in Capricorn: He is patient, systematic, goal-oriented and ambitious. He makes long-term plans like a marathon runner and knows how to use his energy. He'il want to lead people. It can be too authoritarian, prescriptive. This will make it hard and solid. In addition, if the pessimistic aspect of Capricorn outweighs its worldly ambitions, it will increase.

Mars in Aquarius: He has a revolutionary, rebellious spirit. He wants to destroy everything that has lost its function and discover a new one instead. He will fight for his own individual desires. Justice can be obsessed with equality. Popular ideas will follow your original wishes instead. Or the way he does things can be unique.

Mars in Pisces: It has an emotional and easily affected structure. Therefore, it may be difficult to be self-confident or stable. It needs to be in quiet places, to think and to be supported. He can avoid confronting the truth, so there will be situations where he wastes his energy.

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