Concerns About Twin Pregnancy

Concerns About Twin Pregnancy

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Do you realize you're pregnant with twins? This question is asked by many women who learn that they are pregnant. The truth is that, twin pregnancy symptoms it may also overlap with the signs and symptoms of single pregnancy.

So let's examine what is twin plural pregnancy, what are the symptoms, how to understand, together.

What is Multiple - Twin Pregnancy?

Multiple pregnancy refers to two or more children who develop at the same time and are born in rapid succession. Twin pregnancies are more common among multiple pregnancies.

Twin pregnancies identical twins and fraternal twins a distinction is made.

  • Identical twins: (Single Egg Twins) After fertilization, at the beginning of the development of zygote is divided into two or more parts for unknown reasons and each of them begins to segmentation. Extremely similar ones of the same sex begin to develop as individuals with the same genetic heritage.
  • Sister twins: (Double Egg Twins) Two or more sperm fertilize the eggs. Two pregnancies occur and birth is performed at separate times. Children born from such pregnancies are as similar as siblings born at different times and may have different sexes.

The gender of twin babies can be learned between the 15th and 20th weeks. ”

Some factors may increase the likelihood of multiple pregnancy.

  • The mother is older
  • Pregnancy after stopping the contraceptive pill for expectant mothers
  • The mother-to-be carrying 0 blood types
  • The most effective factor that increases is the treatment method that helps reproduction. (IVF treatment)
  • The mother's twin history is more important than the father's history of twins.
  • Racially (highest among Nigerians, lowest among Japanese)

How to Tell Twin Pregnancy

Determination of pregnancy hormone from blood is the most definitive marker in the diagnosis of pregnancy. If the pregnancy hormone test is higher than the expected value, suspected multiple pregnancy Evokes. Definitive diagnosis of multiple pregnancy but ultrasound with.

Determination of pregnancy hormone With multiple pregnancy is not possible to diagnose, it is only suspected. Multiple pregnancy ultrasonography to be diagnosed with pregnancy 6th and 8th weeks a time between ultrasound examination more accurate, less misleading diagnosis of multiple pregnancy It can be accommodated.

Multiple pregnancy is not only important for the number of embryos, but also for the gestational sac and the number of placentas and cords shared by the embryo.

Therefore, it is very important to make differential diagnosis of multiple pregnancy by ultrasonography in early weeks.

If you are pregnant with twins, you may wonder which signs of pregnancy you will have.

Typical symptoms of multiple pregnancy It is:

  • Twin pregnancy, the body HCG level more than usual. These symptoms do not reveal that 100% of a pregnant one is twins. finalization ultrasound examination becomes clear with. In twin pregnancy, nausea and vomiting are more common since HCG is secreted twice as much.
  • Ultrasound examination, doctor listens to the baby's heartbeat. Thus, it can detect possible changes. If two babies grow in the womb, one can often feel double heartbeat. Most gynecologists can recognize this immediately.
  • Weight gain in women with dual or multiple pregnancies is usually higher than in singleton pregnancies.
  • The most accurate sign of twin pregnancy, ultrasound image two embryos. On average with 8. From week 2, the doctor can see if there are exactly two egg sacs or if the heartbeat comes from two hearts.
  • In multiple pregnancies, urinary incidence may increase in this period because pressure on bladder is high.

The risk of premature birth increases significantly in twin pregnancy. Statistically, infants are born at 37 weeks, not on average at 40 weeks. However, in some cases, babies may also be born in earlier weeks.

Pregnant mothers who are pregnant with twin babies choose their cesarean section with their birth preferences. Because two separate babies will be born, cesarean section can be preferred because it will make birth risky.

However, if everything is fine and your doctor will determine it, then vaginal delivery is possible, ie normal.

Multiple pregnancy is more likely to give more weight to the mother's body. complications It may cause. Therefore, twin or multiple pregnancy risky can be classified as pregnancy.

Checks are performed at shorter intervals to detect undernutrition or growth delays of developing infants as quickly as possible.

Sports and a balanced diet play a very important role in pregnancy. However, this situation should be paid more attention in multiple pregnancies.

generally twin - multiple pregnancies Generally;

  • Backache and insomnia as the abdomen expands
  • abnormalities
  • abortions
  • malformation
  • Fetal death
  • Growth retardation
  • Anemia (higher in twin pregnancies)
  • Transfusion syndrome, one baby grows and develops better than the other baby,
  • The risk of pregnancy tension of the expectant mother may increase.
  • Gynecological and postpartum risk factors: Sterilization conditions and the genital system at birth.

Women who are pregnant with twinstake care of themselves. Increased body weight with multiple deliveries, both in the legs and spine, muscles and connective tissuean increasing load it occurs.

  • Back pain
  • blockages
  • Anemia (anemia)
  • Increased load and blood on the legs
  • Hypertension
  • Diaphragm height, which can cause heart problems and shortness of breath
  • Insomnia

For multiple pregnancies, especially for the last quarter: Avoid all unnecessary stress, This may cause premature labor.

It is true that twin pregnancies are risky. You should be aware of the risks. So you can become aware of the disturbing symptoms and act consciously. There are positive aspects of carrying and raising multiple babies in multiple pregnancies as well as risks.

Healthy twin babies have the same needs as other newborn babies. However, if premature birth occurs in multiple pregnancies, you may need more rest and more support than you might have imagined. If you experience signs of postpartum depression, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Take the time to enjoy taking your babies on your lap and make sure to ask your partner, family and friends for help when you need them.

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