Important tips for a happy pregnancy

Important tips for a happy pregnancy

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Emotional disturbances can be seen in mothersDeciding to have children means a reorganization of the family system with the transition from a bilateral relationship to a triple relationship. The existing system will no longer function and a different system will be installed in its place. The plans may not match the facts. The more precisely the molded plan is made, the more frustration does not occur. During pregnancy, women naturally turn to the baby to protect the baby with hormonal changes, the center is now the baby and the baby's health improves in proportion to the health of the mother. Particular attention to nutrition is very important in this period. Nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue and sleep changes may occur during pregnancy. During this period, complex emotions, indecision and intense concern about the baby's health can be felt. Mother-to-be often “What kind of mother will I be? Will my relationship with my husband be as before? IneDo not apply the wrong diet with the worry that you will lose weightDuring pregnancy, the mother's concerns and obsessions about her own body come to the fore. Women should not make unnecessary diet during this period with concerns that their spouses will not like themselves and are not as attractive as before. In this period, it is very important to get enough nutrients for the baby's health. Weight gain and body alteration of the expectant mother ends after pregnancy. This awareness should not be over or under-fed.Pregnancy depression is common in unplanned pregnanciesBeing ready for motherhood; to carry, to protect, to develop the baby and to take responsibility for a living creature requires the maturity. Especially in unplanned pregnancies, this maturity does not develop, and the concerns of the mother-to-be are more prominent than the infant. Aday Pregnancy depression olabilir may be present if the mother expects fatigue, reluctance, susceptibility, constant crying, difficulty in concentration and excessive anger.Spouses should support each other during pregnancyIn a relationship with good communication, mothers' relationships with their spouse develop and deepen. Pregnant parents also have important duties during pregnancy. During the pregnancy of his wife; it is important to go to the controls together, to be together with the baby, to care about his wife's concerns and to be able to communicate correctly. The expectant mother becomes sensitive and susceptible during this period. Therefore, it is very valuable to be understanding and positive about the changes in the body of women expecting a baby and to spend this special process together with good words.

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