7 tips to increase your chances of pregnancy

7 tips to increase your chances of pregnancy

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You want to be a parent, but you can't reach a happy ending. Bahçeci Health Group Acupuncture Specialist Hasan Ali Nogay made 7 important suggestions for couples who want to make their children's dream come true:

1-When it is decided to become a parent, feeding habits should be rearranged first. The use of many harmful substances such as molekül sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, cigarettes, cola, alcohol dır should be discontinued. If tea is to be drunk, it can be drunk as “sugar-free ve and reduced.

2-Get Rid of Stress… Insulin, adrenaline (hypertension) and leptin resistance - obesity (metabolic syndrome) are formed by the disruption of sleep patterns and diets under stress, which is a part of modern life. People with insulin and leptin resistance live in fear of “hungry” and “insatiability veya or do not feel that they are saturated. Because stress, unstable and high levels of "hormone cortisone" is released by the "feeling of hunger" fosters.

3-If there is an excess weight, the best period to reach a balanced weight is before pregnancy.
Obesity, ie excess weight; It is now a definite risk factor for diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, uterus, breast cancer, ovarian cysts (polycystic ovary syndrome), depression osteoarthritis (rheumatism), varicose veins, sleep-apnea syndrome, birth difficulties. is known as.
Recent studies show that even 5-10 percent weight loss dramatically increases the chance of ovulation and pregnancy.

4-Nicotine in cigarettes can affect the ovaries and cause genetic anomalies. More malformations and movement disorders are seen in the sperm of male smokers. Since males make their non-smokers as passive smokers, they cause deterioration in reproductive health. Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to give birth prematurely. 'Sudden Infant Death' is more common in smokers. In order not to adversely affect sperm formation in men 2.5 months ago; women should also be smoking at least 1 month before. (If there is a certain “hormonal imbalance da in women, the duration is the same as in men.)

5-Alcohol also reduces the chance of conception. Infants exposed to alcohol in the womb may have long-term mental retardation, learning disorders and behavioral disorders. Alcohol also reduces sperm count and quality in men.

6-There are no medications that couples can use at home to help themselves become pregnant. Vitamins (folic acid and multivitamins) or iron (blood) pills used for pregnancy do not facilitate pregnancy. Every woman who wants to be a mother to get enough folic acid and other nutrients balanced, not to facilitate pregnancy is for the healthy development of the baby.

7-Personal nutrition program, physical exercise, acupuncture, neural therapy, EFT (Emotional Liberation Technique) and NLP complementary medical approaches such as protecting the “mother” from stress damage and hormonal balance can be improved. It may also prevent the feeling of 'over-eating and unsatisfying'. In addition, parental candidates are freed from their addictions (cigarette-sweet-chocolate, etc.) and protected from 'withdrawal and dissatisfaction' syndromes that may occur during the transition to a healthy-balanced diet.

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