Apps that help digitize and organize your life

Apps that help digitize and organize your life

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Wish you had an assistant to keep track of all your family's needs and events? While it may not be possible to hire an actual person to help manage your life, there are apps that can help you check tasks off your list. Check out how these must-have apps can make parenting a little easier:

Save art and schoolwork (without the clutter)

ArtKive: Send ArtKive your child's artwork, and they'll send it back as a beautiful book or framed mosaic. This is a wonderful way to turn piles of paper into something you'll treasure through the years.

Keepy: This app offers another way to collect and save your child's art and schoolwork. You can also upload videos and audio describing the memories you add, and invite family members to join the app.

Organize your life

Cozi Family Organizer: Keep track of appointments, family schedules, grocery lists, and more with this handy app. You can even plan meals and keep a family journal of moments you don't want to forget.

Busy Kid: Need help motivating your child to do chores? This is the app for you. Create chore charts for your child, then use the app to help them keep track of their progress and their allowance. Kids can even turn their allowances into Visa gift cards, stocks, and charitable donations.

Stay calm

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame (App Store or Google Play): Help your toddler or preschooler learn key social and emotional skills with this fun app. Your child will learn how to practice deep breathing, develop emotional literacy, and practice problem-solving skills.

Moshi Twilight: Use these digital stories to help lull your child to sleep. The stories are designed to relax and comfort your child as she relaxes in her bed.

Calm: This app is not just kids who can use help relaxing. Use the Calm app to bring moments of relaxation into your busy life. They even have sleep stories meant for adults!

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