Meet the mom with two vaginas, two uteri, and yes – two periods a month

Meet the mom with two vaginas, two uteri, and yes – two periods a month

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Having the condition uterus didelphys means a doubling of many of the experiences most women go through, because having two vaginas, two cervixes, and two uteruses presents twice the amount of possibilities.

Reddit user Pout_scout recently opened up about her unusual anatomy in a casual question and answer session, sharing:

"I only have one set of labia and you would never know I had this condition by looking at me, as the vagina is an internal structure. I have two vaginal openings that are separated by a thick, flexible piece of tissue called a septum. Each leads to two totally separate uteri that operate independently but are synced."

Technically this means each uterus could become pregnant independently (even by different fathers), but only during the same ovulation cycle.

Elaborating on how that works, the mother of one explained her "two uteri, cervices and my ovaries are all synced. Which means that after the egg on one side becomes fertilized and implantation begins, my other ovaries get the signal to also stop releasing eggs."

Thankfully that means Pout_scout didn't have to have her period from one set of reproductive organs all throughout her pregnancy, but her condition does require using two tampons (one for each vaginal opening) during her regularly synced menstrual cycles.

Figuring all this out during puberty wasn't easy.

"When I first got my period, I would use tampons but still get blood everywhere," she shared. "After some investigating down there, I realized there was this weird piece of skin or something down the middle of my vagina. I did some Googling and eventually found out about uterus didelphys through some show on TLC, I think its called Strange Sex. Then I made my first appointment with a gynecologist, and she confirmed my suspicions."

When it came time to give birth Pout_scout had to have a c-section. "There was really no discussion of a vaginal birth since there wouldn't be room for my cervix to dilate completely."

During the operation, a photo was taken of her two uteri. To see the image (that is of surgery, it's not for the faint of heart, be warned) click here. She explained: "The big pink blob is the uterus my son was just removed from. The smaller blob next to it is my other uterus."

For the curious, Pout_scout isn't too shy to talk about what having sex with two vaginas is like – and losing her virginity twice.

On having sex: "There is a side that's larger and more comfortable. The left side is smaller and I avoided it during intercourse for awhile, but I guess its uh, nice to have options?"

On two hymens: "I actually just broke my hymen two weeks ago from having intercourse on the left side, 8 years after losing my virginity! Its interesting how those things aren't really all that related, but I figured it would just never happen after that long, but that helps illustrate the difference in the two vaginas I think."

On reaction from partners: "No one has ever been weirded out and decided they were no longer interested. Usually they're just curious, some are really fascinated and ask a lot of questions (and I've learned that a lot of people, including women, do not understand female anatomy...). I have also gotten my fair share of people who fetishize it or want to brag to their friends, which I don't appreciate but I've gotten better at picking those people out."

As for birth control, an IUD wouldn't be an option because Pout_scout would need two. Instead, an arm implant is recommended.

Thanks to Pout_scout for sharing her story, and helping all of us learn a little more about uterus didelphys!

What about bodies has been the most surprising thing you've learned?

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