You CAN have a baby in a one-bedroom apartment – here’s how

You CAN have a baby in a one-bedroom apartment – here’s how

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I’ve often heard that the best way to make the universe laugh is to tell it your plans. True, I was "glowing" but instead it was with sweat from throwing up.

Next came my idea of how the nursery would look. In my mind it would be a professionally decorated-looking room (even though I can hardly match throw pillows to my duvet I assumed my decorating skills would flourish with pregnancy), with small touches and accents that would amaze and inspire anyone who came to my house. You know...a completely achievable plan!

But the reality was that while my husband and I were living in our dream neighborhood in San Francisco – on rent-control, no less – our apartment only had one bedroom. I had no choice but to rethink my nursery plans when I became pregnant because, like it or not, my husband and I would soon be sharing our bedroom with a newborn.

Unless you're an urban dweller it’s hard to understand this predicament, but one-bedroom living is common in major cities where rent prices are high and inventory is low. What’s more, we don’t even have a dining room or a nook of any kind that could be converted for the baby’s needs. We contemplated moving, but loved everything other than the number of bedrooms in our apartment. Ultimately we decided to give it a go for the first year.

We were incredibly lucky and selected to participate in a nursery makeover with BabyCenter, Project Nursery and Babies “R” Us, and learned how to incorporate a baby and all his necessary “gear” into a small space. And if I could do it, anyone can! Here are my favorite tips to help you get started:

1. Clean out as much as you can. And then do that three more times.

This was the hardest part for me. I had worked for years as a fashion and beauty publicist, which left me with a lot of clothes and makeup. I essentially turned our bedroom into a mess of a walk-in closet with a bed in the middle. We stripped the room down to the basics, giving us a blank canvas to work with.

2. Make Pinterest your new best friend.

Learn from those who have come before you! Pinterest is full of pictures and tips from others who have done exactly this – and they are good ideas, too!

3. Embrace vertical storage.

You have to go up when it comes to storage because you can only fit so much furniture in one room. Wall decor is nice to have, but not a necessity in this situation. We cut back on wall decor and instead hung storage bins we could anchor to the wall.

4. Create a room division with paint.

We only had a corner of our bedroom to work with so instead of panting the entire room, we taped off sections and painted where the crib and baby furniture would go. Visually it did a great job of separating the room into two distinct areas.

5. Go mini.

I had never heard of a mini crib before we started this project, but when we took measurements and learned a standard crib wouldn’t fit we panicked. And then discovered mini cribs and all was right with the world again! True, most don’t convert to a toddler bed, but the footprint is much smaller plus they are easily portable should you need to move it from room to room.

6. Get out of your own way.

I had to learn to let go of a lot of things I originally wanted. A glider and ottoman wouldn’t fit in our bedroom. And the same goes for a changing table. Instead, we turned our existing dresser into a changing table and added a rocking chair to our living room.

7. A neutral color palette helps the room flow.

I wanted bright colors for the nursery, but realized it would be a mess of contrasting hues when everything came together. Instead we used a light gray for the walls, mostly white for our bedding, furniture and the crib, and found color in accent pieces. From bright crib sheets to colorful wall decor we were able to have the color I wanted while the room maintained a calm peace that works for all of us.

Learn more about how my husband and I added a nursery to our one-bedroom apartment:

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