How to breastfeed your baby

How to breastfeed your baby

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In the 0-2 month period, babies want their needs to be met instantly. Instinctive, hungry when they open their mouths and look for the breast. Not just because the baby is hungry; she cries to go to her mother's lap. He feels safe, comfortable and well with him. Kadıköy Şifa Suadiye Polyclinic Child Health and Diseases Specialist Günay Ermergen informs mothers to breastfeed their babies more comfortably and easily.

Breast-feeding; it is not only a physical - biological diet, but also a spiritual diet. There is a mutual emotional feeding between the baby and the mother. During sucking, there is an emotional exchange between the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding strengthens the psychological bond between the baby and the mother. Start breastfeeding your baby in the first half hour and share the same room with your baby; it provides a bond between you and your baby. Facilitates a loving relationship.

Most importantly, the mother and the baby feel each other's warmth and love more closely. Physical contact is very important in the first months. Physical contact; the heart rhythm of the mother, the texture and smell of the skin, the warmth of the baby to soothe, calm and feel safe. The warmth, smile, comfort and strength of the mother holding her baby in her arms help the baby relax.

The mother - baby gets used to each other after the initial difficulties and breastfeeding becomes easier. Breastfeeding is comfortable and easy, as well as a nice feeling. While sucking, not only the baby but the mother also makes effort. The mother needs time and silence to breastfeed her baby.
It is also important that the mother gives full attention to her baby while breastfeeding. While breastfeeding, mind and attention should not shift to different places, thoughts.

How she holds her baby while breastfeeding (safe, insecure, anxious, calm, peaceful, restless, etc…) and with what emotions it is also important. The baby feels this, is affected by the negative feelings of the mother and may experience restlessness, it reflects the environment around.

Therefore, in the first days when the mother and the baby got used to each other; There is a need to create a safe and quiet environment for the mother and the baby. The mother's and the baby's needs for rest and rest should be met.

Women are programmed to give birth through the secretion of a number of hormones. These hormones also play a role in the secretion of milk.

The secretion of milk begins before the birth of the baby

There are many examples of the connections between the physiology of labor and the physiology of milk secretion.
In general, mammals, in particular women, control pain at birth by releasing pain relief agents called endorphins. These endorphins are known to stimulate the secretion of prolactin, a key hormone in milk secretion.

The same hormone - oxytocin - is necessary for the contraction of the uterus during labor, as well as the contraction of the breast during the milk secretion reflex when the mother breastfeeds her baby.

A Swedish study provides answers to this question, considering that oxytocin must be secreted by frequent contractions to be effective. When the baby starts suckling the mother, milk secretion and hormones can be activated.

In general, when the newborn is able to find the udder for the first time, it is possible to say that the behavior of the mother and the baby is influenced by the birth contractions and the numerous hormones secreted during delivery. Different hormones secreted by the mother and the baby are still present during the birth process or they are withdrawn at the time of birth. All of these hormones also play a decisive role in the interaction between the mother and the baby and thus in the initiation of milk secretion.
Starting to give milk is not the same for cesarean delivery and normal birth. Breastfeeding is easier after vaginal delivery without medication; because the mother can move more easily, the mother will adapt to the baby faster and the milk comes sooner. The contact between the mother and the baby starts more comfortably and safely. After caesarean section, the mother and the baby need more help. Women need someone to give their babies to themselves, correct pillows and place their babies. The helper who brings the baby can help the mother to relax and return to breastfeed. The milk of the mothers who have delivered by cesarean section comes immediately and becomes more active after 3-4 days. After the first days, mothers gain more courage and try the most comfortable breastfeeding positions for themselves.

Here comes the milk of every mother to remember. Nature programs women accordingly. Mothers may experience tension, anxiety and insecurity in the early days for various reasons. In this case, milk can be reduced, the baby refuses to suck, show reluctance, even a mutual power war, can lead to anger. If this period is prolonged, it is useful to seek help from an expert to restore a healthy and safe mother - baby relationship. The healthy, safe mother - infant relationship established during this period also plays a decisive role in the future relationships of the infant and should be considered by the parents.

What should be considered in the first breastfeeding:
• Providing a calm and quiet environment
• The mother feels calm, peaceful and safe
• I can and I have knowledge and feeling
• Determining the appropriate position for breastfeeding, and obtaining assistance from a specialist midwife, nurse or doctor if necessary.
Tips for Breastfeeding
• Breastfeeding will be successful in many cases
• The mother feels good
• Infant placement of the breast effectively
• Breastfeeding as often and as often as desired
• Support of the environment

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