Pregnancy from A to Z

Pregnancy from A to Z

And you're pregnant! It is in your hands to spend this period very happy, enjoyable and healthy. You may have some fears and worries about what you will encounter in this very exciting process. It is a heavy responsibility that the healthy development of the baby you are carrying depends entirely on you… The first and most important thing you will do at this point is to prepare yourself and your baby for a healthy birth and future during pregnancy as a conscious mother. As soon as you think or learn that you are pregnant, call your doctor who will monitor your pregnancy. After that, go to your controls at regular intervals. Here you can find out what you should and should not do from A to Z on behalf of your baby and yourself during your pregnancy. Come on, start!

A - pregnancy alcohol and excessive use of caffeine is harmful to the baby. Fetal alcohol syndrome; It is a syndrome that occurs due to excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy and is characterized by growth retardation, facial abnormalities and central nervous system problems. Caffeine is found in tea, coffee and chocolate, and they consume a limited amount.

B - Necessary for your baby and you food regular and healthy diet. Your meals should contain 5 simple food groups. These; There should be 6 - 11 servings of cereals, 3 - 5 servings of vegetables, 2 - 4 servings of fruit, 4 - 6 servings of milk and milk products. Take plenty of fluids. Water is the healthiest. Your blood volume increases during pregnancy to provide blood volume to the baby. Fluid intake is therefore important. You should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water, juice and 2 glasses of milk a day.

C- Your sexual life Don't forget! While the interest in sex during pregnancy may vary from woman to woman, it may also vary in different stages of pregnancy in the same woman. Generally, the expectant mother may not like sex because she is in distress due to complaints related to pregnancy in the first 3 months and this situation will return to normal in the following weeks. If you have had previous vaginal bleeding, if your previous pregnancies have resulted in miscarriage, you are at risk of premature birth, if your water sac is opened and you have pain during the intercourse, your doctor will ban the relationship. If your doctor has not forbid the relationship for any reason, having a regular sex life during pregnancy will make you feel better. Fluctuations in your interest in sex due to hormonal changes during your pregnancy may occur. Some couples find sexy fun during pregnancy, while others avoid having sex, thinking that it will hurt the baby.

Ç - Especially with raw meat Avoid contact or eating. After all contact and toilet use, it is important to wash hands frequently during the day. Thus, many bacterial and virus infections can be prevented.

D - pregnancy iron reception is very important. Iron stores may become empty later in pregnancy, take 30 milligrams of iron daily to prevent anemia (anemia) that may occur. Every woman of childbearing age should receive iron-rich foods.

E - Education! As with every job, you can read books on the subject from the beginning of your pregnancy and attend courses on birth and baby care. So you can be more conscious about everything you need to do during your pregnancy, from choosing your birth method to the development of your baby. In the meantime, you should start arranging your house for your baby!

F - You should take 400 micrograms of folic acid before pregnancy and during the first months of your pregnancy. Folic acid; reduces brain and spinal cord anomalies. Enriched cereals include rice, bread, orange juice, green leafy vegetables, beans, peanuts, broccoli, peas, folic acid. Your doctor will warn you about this.

G - your family genetic disease or if you have children with a birth defect, tell your doctor and seek genetic counseling.

H - Bath, Being in very steamy environments such as sauna is inconvenient during your pregnancy.

I - pregnancy medicine use is inconvenient. Some cold and cough medicines may contain alcohol and other harmful substances. Never use medication without your doctor's knowledge. Avoid contact with mercury, lead, pesticides and chemical dyes.

J - Gynecological Diseases can also occur during pregnancy. Bartolin cyst and abscess should be treated when problems such as vaginal infections are encountered.

K - Weight keep your intake under control. Gaining more or less weight during pregnancy can cause various problems. Regular and balanced nutrition can adjust your weight gain. Please note, pregnancy is not the right time to do the regime. Too much food isn't right, considering you're going to feed your baby.

L - Postpartum to avoid problems during pregnancy; take care of your breast care. You should use a bra that is specially prepared for pregnant women. Use creams that prevent nipple stretching during breastfeeding two weeks before your birth.

M - Wonder Do not hesitate to ask your doctor about everything you do.

N - Your doctor will follow your baby's well-being. Non-Stress Test (NST), may request ultrasonography. You should have these checks done in appropriate weeks.

HE IS - Your baby is as important to you as it is to you! During a healthy pregnancy environment Create. Show your love to her in a calm and peaceful environment, listening to pleasant music and talking to her.

Ö - Those daysWatch out. During pregnancy, nausea, vomiting, morning fatigue is quite common. Your favorite foods may make you sick. You can reduce these symptoms by feeding 6 small meals instead of 3 big meals.

P - Problemscheck your and draw your limits. Pain, severe cramps, uterine contractions at 20-minute intervals, vaginal bleeding, amniotic fluid, dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, continuous nausea and vomiting, difficulty walking, edema, and baby's movements, such as problems with the surely call your doctor.

R - RadiationAvoid exposure maruz. Avoid exposure to X-rays. Tell your dentist and other doctor that you are pregnant if you have a problem or need to film because of a dental problem.

S - pregnancy cigaret use causes a decrease in the birth weight of the baby. In addition, infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy may be the cause, as well as the difficulty of learning in your child in the future may occur. If you smoke, you should try to quit smoking. You should also advise those around you not to smoke with you.

Ş - DiabetesIf you have chronic problems such as epilepsy, high blood pressure, they should be kept under control. During pregnancy, the medications you use may need to be changed.

T - toxoplasmosis It is an infection that causes infection and some anomalies in the unborn baby. You can get this disease by eating undercooked meat and contacting cats. You should stay away from them.

U - Long trips, The first three of the pregnancy and the last three months can be tiring for you. Complete your journey by taking frequent breaks and resting where necessary. While traveling by plane until the last month of pregnancy is not a problem, avoid long flights. Driving can also create stress and fatigue. You must use the seat belt correctly when driving.

Ü - Urinary infections attention ! The uterus, which grows in the first trimester of pregnancy, can cause you to urinate frequently because it presses the bladder. You may have urinary incontinence while coughing and sneezing. However, if they are accompanied by a burning sensation while urinating, urinary infection (inflammation of the urinary tract) may occur. You should talk to your doctor about your complaint.

V - Arrival Your problem may be more intense during pregnancy. Since the tendency of clotting in the vessels increases during pregnancy, it may cause significant problems when combined with varicose veins. You can talk to your doctor about this situation and take precautions such as wearing varicose stockings when necessary.

Y - pregnancy lying position It is important. This becomes increasingly difficult in the later stages of pregnancy. You can make yourself comfortable by lying on your left side as much as possible and increase the blood flow to your baby.

Z - Staying fit important during pregnancy. Physical activity during pregnancy is very useful for your baby and for you to stay fit. Pregnancy-related fatigue not only reduces your complaints but also helps you to recover after birth. Relaxation movements of the back and abdominal muscles prevent muscle cramps and help compensate for posture changes. Walking, swimming, cycling are safe exercises during pregnancy. But before you start any exercise, you should discuss it with your doctor and do it with your specialist or training.

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