Dear Baby Girl: The countdown is on—four more weeks!

Dear Baby Girl: The countdown is on—four more weeks!

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Dear Baby Girl,

You and I are four weeks away from meeting each other (if you decide to join us on your due date). In case you’re wondering what was on our mind a month before you were born, here it is, in no particular order, to be read to you one day when you both understand English AND the Yiddish word kvetch:

How in the heck does this breast pump work? And if you’re not going to “latch” on, tell me now before I open this monstrosity of a box and dive into the directions.

Will we ever find a nanny? And if not, how do you feel about Lester Holt watching you full time? He’s offered on numerous occasions now.

Is it too early to pack a bag for delivery day? And is it like going to the movies where you can’t bring outside food? And if so, do you mind sharing space in my big maternity shirt for snacks that I plan on sneaking into the hospital?

How can you be so adorable all cuddled up in that womb and yet continue to cause such awful heartburn???

Why do you hate caffeine so much?

Must you always put your hand over your face for ultrasound images? How can you be the daughter of two TV people and not like the camera?

We just got back from our last little “getaway” before your LIFE DEBUT. We went out to Montauk for the weekend. Took a lot of pictures of us together. I feel like your eyes were closed the whole time. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the water… and all that lobster we ate.

I haven’t slept in 3 months now. It’s mainly because you don’t want me on my front, on my back, on my right side or on my left side. If you could somehow just give me an idea of what position would work, I would gladly contort myself into it for the simple luxury of a night’s sleep.

What’s with this new sweeping elbow/foot/tushy movement you now do? I can honestly feel you change your mind in there!

If you think WE’RE excited to see you, you should talk to your grandparents… they’re over the moon. You’d think both the grandma’s themselves were having you. It’s great to know, considering their zeal has earned them diaper duty for life.

Here are the TV shows your mom and I are watching these days which we undoubtedly won’t have time for when you move in: Newsroom (HBO), Parks and Rec (NBC), Veep (HBO), Naked and Afraid (Discovery), Seinfeld (for me), cable news (for your mom)

We took the hospital tour last week… all the expecting moms, panicked dads, busy nurses, wired doctors... It sort of made the whole thing seem more real… and thus terrifying.

To epidural or not to epidural. THAT is the question.

How is it possible that we already love you so much and haven’t even met yet?

Four more weeks, little one. FOUR MORE WEEKS. Are we ready? Are YOU ready? Guess it doesn’t matter since you’re coming one way or another.

Love you this much,


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