Does urinary tract infection cause premature labor?

Does urinary tract infection cause premature labor?

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Urinary tract infections and vaginal infections are common in women. Certain substances secreted due to infection can cause premature labor.

Memorial Sisli Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Asena Ayar gave information about the causes and treatment methods of preterm birth.

Watch out for urinary tract infections in the late pregnancy!
Urinary tract infections or vaginal infections, especially seen in the late stages of pregnancy, may cause premature labor with some substances they secrete. Again, these substances released as a result of such infections can reduce the resistance of the amniotic membrane, leading to premature rupture of this membrane. The opening of the membranes before the onset of labor is called “Early Membrane Rupture.. Opening the membranes is an important cause of premature births.

Risk factors for preterm birth:
● Multiple pregnancies are another factor that causes preterm labor. Here, the uterus is stretched too much, so the pains can begin early. In cases of polyhydramnios, a similar mechanism may occur prematurely.

Congenital uterine anomalies are another cause of late miscarriages and premature births. However, it does not mean that every woman with this type of deformity in the womb will give birth prematurely. Only the risk is increased in these patients.

● Uterine fibroids may cause premature labor by reducing the volume in the uterus.

● Preterm delivery is more common than normal in cases of high blood pressure, protein loss in urine, general edema, and pre-eclampsia that occur during the late pregnancy and in cases of abrubtio where the placenta is separated early.

● Anemia that occurs in the mother during pregnancy or that existed before pregnancy is also an important cause of premature births in our country.

● Preterm labor is more common in patients with low socioeconomic status.

● Multiple past, miscarriage or preterm births are also among the risk factors.

● Smoking is the most preventable cause of preterm labor. Premature birth is one of the important dangers awaiting mothers who smoke.

How is it understood that preterm birth will take place?
In order for birth to occur, the uterus must have contractions and these contractions must be severe and continuous enough to open the cervix. However, not every contraction may be felt as pain. In general, pain in the lower back and groin may be similar to menstrual pain. The person perceives this as an erection in the abdomen. Again, the presence of a silvery plug called the engagement among the people or the presence of a watery discharge than usual makes the threat of premature birth. It is very important to get in touch with the physician without wasting time when there are such pains that do not go through with rest. The feeling of pushing the baby down is often seen in many women at risk of preterm labor.

What should be done when preterm birth symptoms occur?
● Try to remember what you are doing when symptoms begin.
● Quit your job and take 3-4 glasses of liquid.
● Turn to your left and lie down for one hour.
● Tell your doctor if symptoms do not regress within 1 hour.

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