10 tips for pregnant women

10 tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy in every season is a beautiful, happy situation. However, in some seasonal situations, expecting mothers to take the baby in her arms leads to troubled moments. Pregnant women with body temperatures about one degree higher than normal, especially in the summer are facing problems. Experts warned that the loss of fluid in extreme temperatures will cause premature birth, pregnant women can benefit from all the beauties of this season with simple measures to be taken, he says.

Acıbadem Bağdat Street Polyclinic Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Tayfun Osmanağaoğlu and Dietician Evrim Demirel from Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital offer 10 special suggestions for summer pregnant women.

1-Feed little by little and often

Dietitian Evrim Demirel: Spreading daily nutrition to three main and three snacks prevents complaints such as gas and indigestion. Balanced diet makes it easier to achieve weight control, because the metabolism works more rhythmically in this way does not occur the feeling of fatigue brought by pregnancy.
2-Avoid fatty and salty foods

MWT. Demirel: Low quality, high in fat and carbohydrate, heavy foods should be avoided. The natural effect of pregnancy, hissetme Feeling heavy ”, increases in the summer heat with the consumption of fatty foods. During the summer months, it increases the options of pregnant women in terms of variety of fruits and vegetables. These foods are low in calories, vitamins and minerals are very rich. In addition, these foods contain plenty of pulp, constipation prevention and provides weight control. Dr. Tayfun Osmanağaoğlu: Pregnant women should avoid foods such as excessive salted nuts and pickles and soda drinks. In addition, it is important not to neglect protein intake while eating vegetables. Because protein is important for the development of the body and brain of the unborn baby.

3-Watch out for what you eat outside

MWT. Demirel: Foods that are more difficult to protect pose a risk for pregnant women, especially in summer. It is useful to avoid food that is undercooked or not kept in the refrigerator during this season when harmful bacteria can easily breed due to temperature. Regardless of the season, pregnant women should not consume raw foods, especially in restaurants where they are unsure of hygiene. In addition to poorly washed vegetables and fruits, perishable chicken meat is not recommended to be consumed outside in these months.

4-Eat plenty of liquid

MWT. Demirel: In order to ensure the richness of the contents of the amniotic fluid and placenta that the baby is in, fluid consumption during pregnancy is important in every season. However, because they are sweating more because of hormone changes, the importance of fluid consumption for pregnant women to replace their lost nutrients increases in the summer. Dr. Osmanağaoğlu: Pregnant women need more fluids on hot summer days. Lack of adequate fluid can cause contractions in the uterus and even premature labor. The amount of liquid to be taken daily is recommended as at least 2.5 liters. In addition, to avoid edema, which is frequently encountered in this period, should be avoided as much as possible with salt-containing drinks.

5-Extend your feet, relax

Dr. Osmanağaoğlu: During pregnancy, the permeability of the vessels increases. Therefore, edema is seen under the skin. Resting increases blood flow. Therefore, especially working pregnant women resting their feet during the day is a method of reducing edema.

6-Massage, make

Dr. Osmanağaoğlu: Massage is one of the methods that works for relieving the feet where the pain is seen due to the pressure exerted by the body. Massage increases blood flow in the area and also reduces edema. In addition, pregnant women with a temperature higher than normal body temperature, warm bath is recommended.
7-Walk, swim

MWT. Demirel: Physician consultation with low-pace walks, providing regular release of insulin in the body prevents rapid weight gain. Dr. Osmanağaoğlu: There are two beautiful sports that can be done during pregnancy; walking and swimming. Pregnant women who have no health problems can swim to their last weeks in consultation with their physician. However, it is very important that the sea or pool water is clean. Because some vaginal infections can cause rupture of the water sac and thus premature birth.

8-Watch out for the sun

Dr. Osmanağaoğlu: Pregnant women should not go out between 11: 00-16: 00, when the sun's rays come upright. Pregnant women who have to go out during these hours are advised to wear a hat and apply a cream with 50 protection factors. MWT. Demirel: It is necessary to avoid the harmful effects of the sun and benefit from its benefits. Because the sun's rays taken through the skin provide the synthesis of vitamin D and the absorption of calcium and minerals by the body. Calcium; It is important for pregnant women because it affects bone, tooth and organ development.

9-Lie on your left

Dr. Osmanağaoğlu: Pregnant women to the uterine veins to save pressure is recommended to lie to the left. Backstroke can cause pressure on the large veins called ena vena cava.. This situation can cause pregnant women to drop their blood pressure and faint. At the same time, a risky condition may occur due to the decrease of oxygen to the fetus.

10-Go to check before vacation

Dr. Osmanağaoğlu: The second trimester during pregnancy is the most comfortable period, 13-28. between weeks. This does not mean that you cannot go on holiday before or after. However, especially during the last trimester before going on vacation, it is recommended to undergo a doctor's check.


A woman who has a healthy pregnancy does not need to postpone her vacation plan. However, since the long route may adversely affect the circulatory system, pregnant women should definitely walk for two hours to regulate their blood circulation. Before the flights, it is recommended to go through a medical examination. It is necessary to avoid this situation as long journeys in the late pregnancy and near delivery may be risky.

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