Problems transferring your baby to solid food

Problems transferring your baby to solid food

It is generally recommended to only breastfeed for up to 6 months. However, this process may vary according to the development of your baby and the adequacy of your milk. We also want to remember one point: mak Starting early on supplementary food will result in insufficient benefit of breast milk. ”

Gradually switch

It should be waited for 1 week after the first food given during the transition to the first supplementary food and it should be observed whether or not it makes any allergies to the baby. If the baby does not develop any allergies, the supplement will continue to be given in the same way. Again, after each different food to be given to the baby should have a 1-week break. So, what nutritional problems are expected and what can be encountered in the transition to supplementary food;

Here are the most common problems
1. The first problem is allergies. Babies give the most allergic response to food. If you think you are experiencing such a reaction, please consult your doctor.

2. Constipation is another problem frequently seen in babies during the transition to the first supplementary food. It is normal for the baby to experience constipation during the first transition period, because bowel movements have not yet been regulated.

3. In babies, anorexia may occur due to changes in food order and taste differences in transition to supplementary food. This will be easily remedied after a short transition and familiarization process.4. Anemia may occur due to insufficient nutrition and lack of proper nutrition. If you feel that your baby has this problem, your doctor will be accompanied by your tests at the end of the blood drugs will not be a problem.

5. In addition, controlled nutritional supplementation may cause diarrhea as well as constipation.

6. The temperature of the additional nutrients you give to your babies is also very important. Because it is the most appropriate temperature for the mother's milk used to give your baby the additional nutrients that are outside the temperature habits may cause pneumonia in your baby. You should pay attention to the proper temperature.