Your baby loves you very much

Your baby loves you very much

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Wondering how to understand that your newborn baby loves you? You can find the answer to your question in this article.

Although your baby has been with you the most from the moment of birth, it may be difficult to remember your face. Although he has no idea about the world, he knows you're important.

Even if you're not with your baby, he's always thinking about you. When you leave the room when you are 8-12 months old grimace when you come to the room starts to smile.

Your baby will run whenever you need it. If a place hurts or feels unhappy, your first place will be your lap. Although he does not fully understand the meaning of the phrase seviy I love you anlar, he understands from your actions how much you love him and responds to you.

Picking flowers from the garden and bringing them to you. He draws pictures for you and brings you what he likes first. He wants to show you his stuff first and get your approval. He looks for ways to impress you.

He sees you as his confidant, and you will be the only person he will not hesitate even in the most embarrassed moments. Although your little baby cannot tell you in words, it shows how much he loves you with all his behaviors.

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