Cute toddler clothes for special occasions

Cute toddler clothes for special occasions

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  • Crewcuts

    What it is: J.Crew's expansion into clothing for little ones means that the splashy, high-quality classics many parents love are now available in kiddie sizes, too. There are chic blazers and button-downs for little boys and pretty dresses and ballet flats for girls. Flower girls and ring bearers can find formal wear here too, though there's more of a selection for girls than for boys.

    What to watch out for: Your wallet! Nearly everything here is a splurge.

    How much: $39 to $178

  • Halabaloo

    What it is: Sweetly sophisticated dresses for little girls are Halabaloo's claim to fame. Special occasions call for a bit of sparkle and tulle, and this brand pulls out all the stops. There are also dresses made from soft stretch jersey, a nice alternative to fussy fabrics. (Plus, these styles allow for growing room.)

    What to watch out for: The luxe fabrics in most outfits equal high prices.

    How much: $27 to $125

  • Iris & Ivy

    What it is: Many little girls will delight in these frilly frocks, which come in silk, chiffon, and velvet. Plus, they're comfy enough for busy toddlers.

    What to watch out for: Some of the more formal styles are on the pricey side.

    How much: $42 to $70

  • Lito Children's Wear

    What it is: If you ever have to hunt town a tuxedo in a toddler size (no easy feat!), you'll appreciate Lito's wide-ranging selection of formal wear. Vests, knickers, and tiny ties are all on hand, along with sweet dresses for girls.

    What to look out for: Sizes can run large. Also, Lito doesn't have a user-friendly online store, but you can find their stuff elsewhere.

    How much: $40 to $60

  • Sweet Heart Rose

    What it is: Wrangling toddlers into fussy formal wear can be tricky, which is why we love the soft cotton foundations of many dresses from this brand. Playful ruffles and petite bows dress them up, and the fun graphic prints hide spills and messes. You can even buy a matching outfit for your toddler's favorite dolly. Cuteness squared!

    What to watch out for: All those bows and ruffles can be tug magnets for little hands.

    How much: $24 to $64

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