Li'l fashion find: Favorite baby outfits

Li'l fashion find: Favorite baby outfits

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  • Whether it's comfort or fashion that prevails, choosing the right baby clothes is a must. Parents share their favorite looks, complete with where to buy it and what it costs.

    Davion, 10 months

    Two-piece outfit: DD's Discounts ($7.99)

    Sandals: DD's Discounts ($4.99)

  • Robert, 10 months

    Onesie: Carter's ($10)

    Jeans: Carter's ($20)

  • Caliya, 9 months

    Dress: FAO from Babies "R" Us ($40)

    Headband: ($8)

  • Riley, 10 months

    Outfit: Princess Please ($15)

    Headband: Children's Place (three for $4)

  • Adah Joy, 11 months

    Top: Store Bottom ($1)

    Bottoms: Family Dollar ($8)

  • Regean, 11 months

    T-shirt: Children's Place ($5)

  • Isabella, 9 months

    Outfit: Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini at Target ($19.99)

    Boots: Sears ($34.99)

  • Lily, 9 months

    Dress: Little Me from Costco ($12)

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