10 things you'll love during pregnancy

10 things you'll love during pregnancy

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  • Take a deep breath

    Pregnancy may be one of the most beautiful times of your life, but it's not necessarily the most comfortable. Could you kill for a massage right now? Or are you lusting after the perfect pair of maternity jeans, to hug that growing bump? We asked our site moms what they couldn't live without during pregnancy. Here's their top 10 must-have items.

  • A warm bath

    Many moms say that finding time for yourself is key. Having a warm bath is one of the few opportunities you have to switch off for a while and focus on your baby.

    Simply lie still, breathe deeply, completely relax, and picture your baby.

  • Extra pillows

    Pillows are a good way to get more comfortable in bed. Tucking one pillow under your belly and another pillow between your legs supports your lower back and may make sleeping on your side more comfortable.

    Some moms-to-be swear by pillows made specifically for pregnant women. A wedge-shaped pillow supports your belly when you lie on your side and a full-length body pillow supports your back and cradles your belly.

  • Birthing ball

    Moms say that using a birthing ball is a fun way to improve your posture and balance and to strengthen your core. You can also use it to help you get into different positions during labor.

  • Moisturizing cream or body oil

    Massaging your belly every day with a cream or oil can keep your skin soft and reduce itching. Despite what some products claim, they can't entirely prevent stretch marks, but they should help you feel more comfortable.

  • Hot water bottle

    A warm hot water bottle can help to ease pregnancy cramps, but be careful not to hold it on your belly for too long, so your baby doesn't get overheated. Moms' tip: They're also amazing for aching backs!

  • Massage

    As your body grows and changes during pregnancy, many expectant moms discover new sore spots. If you're suffering from headaches or just need help relaxing, ask your partner to slowly rub your back and shoulders.

  • Maternity jeans

    Many our site moms-to-be said they couldn't have gotten through their pregnancy without a comfortable pair of maternity jeans. There are lots of different ways they can grow with your blossoming bump, so it's worth trying on a few styles to find the best fit for you.

  • Maternity pajamas

    Nothing beats the comfort of maternity pajamas. The only downside to owning a super cozy pair is the risk that you'll never want to get dressed!

  • Herbal teas

    For moms who miss the morning coffee ritual, tea can give warmth and comfort. You may enjoy herbal or fruit teas instead of your usual mug of black tea or coffee as a way of cutting down your caffeine intake. Most herbal and fruit teas are safe during pregnancy.

  • Time with your partner

    Even when you're swept up in preparing for baby, our site moms say: Don't forget to enjoy this time together. You may not get the chance in the first few weeks after your baby's born, so spend some quality time with your partner during pregnancy.

    See a movie, have a special meal together, or just make time for a relaxing walk – anything that will really allow you to appreciate each other's company.

Dana Dubinsky is a health and science editor.

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