10 fun toddler toys for summer

10 fun toddler toys for summer

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  • Ready to play?

    Curious toddlers don't need much to keep them entertained, but these favorite toys will make summer days outside even more exciting.

    By Heather Flett and Whitney Moss, authors of The Rookie Mom's Handbook and the bloggers behind Rookie Moms. Heather and Whitney also publish 510 Families, a blog for San Francisco Bay Area parents about having fun with kids. They live in Berkeley, California.

  • Red wagon

    This is an investment that will last for years. What could be more fun than climbing in and taking a ride with a favorite stuffed animal? And your child will grow into pulling his own belongings—or even friends—around.

    A wagon makes it easier for you to schlep gear to summer outings, too. Your toddler can be the captain of the picnic supplies while you pull.

    Tip: You can get as fancy as you like. Some red wagons even have seat belts and cup holders!

  • Ride-on car

    Toddlers love to feel in charge, and a plastic car is certain to give them a feeling of empowerment.

    Little ones will spend happy hours maneuvering the car around, climbing in and out of it, and giving friends a ride. A storage compartment for hiding treasures (like Mommy's sunglasses) is an added bonus.

    Tip: For a treat, offer to wash the car with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Your toddler will want to help!

  • Sponges

    Sponges are cheap as heck and perfect for outdoor water play. You'll be surprised by how much fun kids can have with this simple activity.

    • Give your toddler a wet sponge and show him how to stamp rectangles on the cement or fence.
    • Set up a tossing game with a sponge and a bucket.
    • Cut sponges into smaller shapes and use them with water or paint.
    • Have your child pour water from one container to another and wipe up spills with a sponge.

    Tip: Dry sponges are handy, too—your toddler can use them as building blocks.

  • Stomp rockets

    Watching grown-ups stomp on a plastic balloon to launch a lightweight, foam "rocket" into the air is very exciting for toddlers. And they'll be happy to show off their new walking and running skills by retrieving the rockets from wherever they've landed.

    Tip: Stick a set of stomp rockets in your stroller basket or "going-to-the-park" tote bag and you'll always have a fun toy at your fingertips.

  • Water table

    Water is so tempting for toddlers, and this toy brings it right to their level for kid-powered fun.

    Even pre-walkers who are still cruising can dig into a water table by holding on with one hand and dipping fingers in with the other. Once children get the hang of scooping water, filling up containers and dumping them out is endlessly entertaining.

    Tip: For a change of pace, convert your water table into a sand table. Two toys in one!

  • Pool noodles

    Though they're designed to aid swimmers in the pool, foam noodles are also a versatile raw material. Your toddler might have his own ideas about how to use pool noodles, but we like to cut them into O-shaped rings. Not only do you end up with a new set of interesting blocks (that won't hurt if you step on them), but they float —so you can use them as bath or pool toys.

    Tip: Buy pool noodles that have a hole through the center – they're more fun to cut up.

  • Bubble machine

    Even regular bubbles are great toddler entertainers—but adding a bubble machine takes it to the next level. A bubble machine produces a mind-blowing number of bubbles in a short time, creating a magical experience for your little one.

    Tip: Get your bubble machine out on a playdate when toddlers need help warming up to each other.

  • Sidewalk chalk

    Drawing on the ground together is a great way to bond with your toddler. Try free-form art (scribbles), followed by a game in which you draw shapes on the ground that he can stand inside.

    Or channel your inner artist and let your toddler make requests. Your interpretation of trains and dogs will be appreciated, even if it's not what you would call accurate.

    Tip: Cleaning up is half the fun. Let your toddler help wash away your drawings with the hose, and then start over. Chalk shows up better on wet ground anyway.

  • Ride-on tricycle

    Most children don't have the strength or coordination to master a tricycle until they're 3 years old, but a beginner model is a fun way to get started on riding and pedaling.

    Incorporate a ride into your summer outings: Visit a neighbor down the block, take the trike to an elementary school playground to make use of the blacktop, or bring it to a summer festival.

    Tip: Many beginner trikes include a detachable handle so you can push or just control the direction. If your toddler rests his feet on the pedals while you do the work, you can go farther. And if she's pedaling, you can keep her on track.

  • Kiddie pool

    For not much money, your family can own a swimming pool! Okay, it's really a sitting pool, but it's still a ton of wet fun for your toddler.

    Climbing in and out, throwing toys in to watch them float, and watching the hose fill the pool will keep your toddler busy all summer long.

    Tip: Young children can drown in as little as one inch of water, so supervise your child in the kiddie pool at all times and be sure to empty it when playtime is over.

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