Choosing colors for your baby's nursery

Choosing colors for your baby's nursery

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These days, there's no such thing as wrong when it comes to nursery colors. To help you choose a palette that works for your baby's room, here are some inspiration boards that illustrate some of our favorite – and often unexpected – combinations.

A few tips:

• Consider all shades of a favorite color – mint or emerald green, navy or cyan blue, coral or blush pink, for example.

• Select anything patterned or themed, such as a rug, early on. It's easier to later match single colors – of wall paint or crib sheets, for instance – to a pattern rather than the other way around.

• If you're going the gender-neutral route for now, you can personalize the nursery with your baby's name or add color accents later, once your little boy or girl arrives.

By Ali Zeigler and Amy St. Clair DiLaura

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