Having twins? What to buy when you’re preparing for multiples

Having twins? What to buy when you’re preparing for multiples

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If you’re expecting twins or triplets, you probably think you’re going to need double or triple of everything, right? But thankfully, not everything. While there are some things you could and should buy two or three at a time, there are others you can live without multiplying. "Less is more" applies now more than ever – unless you like your home looking like an aisle of buybuy BABY.

Still, there are must-haves you should acquire. As twin moms ourselves, and cocreators of twin-parent resource Two Came True, we know exactly what they are. Here is our expert, lived-in advice on helpers you need to feed, carry, and soothe your babies.

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  • Feeding support

    Twin Z Pillow

    Without a doubt, when feeding twins, you need some sort of contraption to help, whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combo of both. Our personal hands-down favorite is the Twin Z Pillow, which clips around your waist and is sturdy enough for tandem breastfeeding. It’s a supportive pillow during pregnancy, too, so you get more bang for your buck – get it early and add it to your hospital packing list.

    Available at Amazon starting at $99.99

  • Table for Two

    This simply brilliant lounger allows you to safely feed your twins simultaneously. The Table for Two keeps both babies and parents comfortable – note the armrests for support and convenient bottle holders on each side. The seat and headrest inserts the babies sit in, which come in a choice of designer fabrics, are simple to remove and throw in the washing machine. Other features include safety harnesses and a carrying handle. The parents in our community call this product a lifesaver.

    Available at Table for Two starting at $279.

  • Inglesina Fast Table Chair

    When purchasing larger items for your babies, having two of everything will take up space quickly, and two highchairs can make your kitchen feel cluttered and tight. Inglesina’s Fast Table Chair seats clip securely to tables, are easy to wash, and are a major space saver. Versatile, durable, and portable, with a handy storage pocket to boot, they’re great to bring to restaurants or Grandparents' and friends' houses, too.

    Available at Amazon starting at $69.00

  • Strollers

    Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

    Throughout your journey as a twin parent, you are going to need more than one good stroller. Lugging two tiny people around requires your strollers to serve different purposes, and luckily there are plenty of options. Accept hand-me-downs if you can, and invest in the options that fit your lifestyle best.

    That said, the Double Snap-N-Go frame is a must-have for the newborn stage. It folds up easily into a compact size that fits in a car trunk, and allows you to securely snap in infant carriers with ease. It’s compatible with most car-seat brands, and provides so much ease for running errands.

    Available at Amazon starting at $99.99

  • Twin Roo+ Double Car Seat Stroller Frame

    The Twin Roo+ is similar to the Double Snap-N-Go, but some parents prefer the Joovy because the wheels handle a little more smoothly, so it can be easier to wheel around a grocery store. Note that the Joovy requires adapters for specific car seats as opposed to the Double Snap-N-Go’s more adaptable strap system, which makes the Joovy ultimately more expensive than its competitor.

    Available at Amazon starting at $158.99

  • BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

    If you have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, this stroller will fit your family to a T. It’s incredibly easy to push, even on rough terrain, so your will children get a smooth, comfortable ride and your arms and wrists will, too. The BOB’s turning radius is exceptional, making it a lot easier to use in tight spaces – where a lot of double strollers handle like a shopping cart, you'll be gratified with how nimble it is. This stroller doesn’t accept two infant car seats at once, which is why we used the click-in stroller options above until our twins were able to fit into the BOB safely.

    Available at Amazon starting at $499.99

  • Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

    This stroller makes for a great everyday carrier for multiples because there are several double configurations that are super easy to switch out, and it rolls and folds like a dream. This is also a great choice if you have an older child in addition to your twins, as you can toss a kickstand accessory on the back.

    Available at Target starting at $539.99

  • Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller

    If you’re in the market for a triplet stroller, you can’t do better than the excellent (if spendy) Triplette. You can easily flip the seats to face different directions, and each holds up to 45 pounds, with reclinable backs and adjustable footrests. It packs down quite nicely for a triple, too, and will accept three Primo Viaggio car seats, no adapters necessary.

    Available at Amazon starting at $1,149.96

  • Changing and carrying

    Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center

    There are many products on the market that are some combination of bassinet, play yard, and changing table, and we think the Joovy Room2 is the best of them. The bassinets aren’t too deep, so they’re not difficult for c-section moms to use, and the changing attachment swings out of the way when you don’t need it. Later, when your children have outgrown the bassinet, the Room2 makes a secure play space for them to share.

    Available at Amazon starting at $75.71

  • TwinGo Baby Carrier

    Thanks to the creative inventions of twin parents, babywearing for duos has come a long way. Consider buying a twin carrier as well as two singleton carriers for when you have more than one adult to ferry the babies – we like the Ergobaby 360, the Infantino Flip, and the BabyBjörn Mini. You may also want to try on several different carriers, as you and your partner’s preferences might be different. But the TwinGo is designed to balance your twins’ weight front and back and has a waistband that adjusts from 20 to 99 inches, so it fits every twin parent we’ve seen yet.

    Available at Amazon starting at $214.99

  • Minimonkey Twin Carrier

    Parents who like the lightness and portability of a wrap may be fans of the Minimonkey Twin, an innovative carrier developed in the Netherlands. The Minimonkey’s wide padded straps distribute weight over the chest and shoulders, so it’s possible to carry both babies comfortably, and it’s super-easy to fasten your babies in: just pop each into their own front pouch and tighten one buckle. Babies ride in the ergonomically correct “M” position, which some experts think is beneficial for hip development.

    Available at Minimonkey starting at $160

  • Weego TWIN Baby Carrier

    For newborn and preemie twins, the Weego TWIN is heaven sent, fastening on like a tactical military vest (and isn’t that what it sorta is?) and holding your babies in two separate pouches. It’s suitable for babies 4 pounds and up, and holds infants until they’re 5 to 6 months old, or a combined weight of up to 33 pounds. The standard Weego fits waists of up to 45 inches; if you need more room in the waist, you can order an extra strap that adds up to 12 inches or order the Weego Plus Size, which has the waist extension strap and longer shoulder straps to give you plenty of room.

    Available at Weego starting at $169

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