Your 6 3/4-year-old: Is your child gifted?

Your 6 3/4-year-old: Is your child gifted?

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Your 6-year-old now

There are many kinds of giftedness: in language, in math, in music, in sports. If your child seems challenged in school and happy, her aptitude may not be a critical issue at this age. But if she's bored or complains her schoolwork is way too easy, you may want to discuss the issue with her teacher. A true prodigy is rare (and pretty obvious). Giftedness in one area or another is more common.

There's some debate among experts about testing for giftedness. Some recommend testing by a child psychologist at this age, while others question the value of such scores if the child's curiosity and academic needs can be met.

Even is she is gifted, be wary of the label. Gifted kids sometimes fear failure, so they can become afraid to try new things. If they don't succeed, they rationalize, maybe they're not as smart as everybody thinks. Be on the lookout, too, for teasing from classmates. Gifted children can be more sensitive and intense. Their peers pick up on their differences and sometimes aren't so kind.

If your child is placed in a special class or given different work, emphasize that she's being advanced because she's a hard worker, not because she's more talented or smarter. "You practice your violin more, so your teacher thinks you should play in a bigger-kids orchestra now."

Know, too, that giftedness doesn't always manifest itself as overachieving genius. In fact, some gifted kids appear just the opposite. Because they're bored and frustrated in school, they might be fidgety, emotional, and underachieving, leading teachers to think they have attention deficit disorders rather than giftedness.

Your life now

Some parents hear from teachers that their boisterous, noisy, occasionally rude child is a perfect angel in class. Rest assured, most kids try to be on their best behavior for school – and save their wildest behavior for the person they feel most secure letting it all hang out with.

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