How to control body and weight in children?

How to control body and weight in children?

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Can your child climb the steps by himself, hold his head up for a long time, or walk with his hand and arm shaking? These are just a few of the questions that assess children's body controls in different age groups.

Body control is a very important step of physical development for children because body control allows children to crawl, walk, run and perform other physical activities. So how do you know if your child can do his own body control? Here are the stages of body control that most children follow until the age of 4 yardımıyla With the help of this list, you can monitor whether your child is able to perform his or her own body control, and if you encounter any problems, you can get help from an expert.

Age 0.5

1 monthlifts his head a little while lying, pushes his feet
2 monthshead 5 sec. holds upright, recoil with two legs
3 monthsraises his arms while lying on his stomach / gets more mobile while taking a bath
4 monthskeeps his back straight while sitting / makes a swim when he lies on his stomach
5 monthsRaises his head while lying on his back
6 monthstries to sit on

Age 1

7 monthslegs carry body when held by arms
Month 8shakes her legs
9 monthsStops in crawling position / rotates on his stomach while lying on his back.
10 monthsclinging forward / clinging to his feet
11th Monthsits upright
12 monthscrawling on his knees

Age 1.5

Month 13walks on furniture
14th Monthpushes the stroller
15 monthswalks
Month 16lifts an object from the floor
Month 17stand up without help
Month 18step

Age 2

19th Monthsquats and removes an object
Month 20runs 5 meters without falling
21st Monthwalks backwards
Month 22on the chair
23rd Monthsewn in a high place
Month 24hits the ball without losing balance

Age 2.5

Month 2510 sec. squatting along the floor
Month 26remove the steps one by one
27th Monthclinging down the steps
Month 28up to the 3rd floor of the stepladder
Month 29Ensures balance while walking
30th Monthjumping with two legs

Age 3

31. Month3 feet walks on toes
32nd Monthsteps down one by one
Month 33eyes closed and 10sec. stops
34th Monthruns 15 meters without falling
35th Monthcome running and jump over the line with one foot
36th Monthjumps from the bottom step with two feet

Age 3.5

37th Monthtricycle
Month 38hits the balloon 2 times without dropping it
39. Monthtakes 3 meters without pouring a glass of juice
Month 403 meters tall 25 cm. walks
Month 41Jumps over a pillow 21 cm wide and 5 cm tall
42nd Monthdouble steps

Age 4

43. Monthwalks
44th MonthStands for 2 sec on both right and left foot
Month 45jumps once on one foot
Month 46bounces 5 times with feet together
47th Monthjumps from the edge of the seat without clinging
48th Monthchanging his foot, clings to the stairs without clinging.

Source: Know Your Child in 288 Questions, Arem Publications.

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