Wondering after birth

Wondering after birth

Finally one of the most important events in your life has taken place. Your baby is on your lap after an exciting wait for months. Now, as well as happiness, the important questions that poke your mind American Hospital Women's Health Unit Specialist Dr. View Senai's Full Profile Replying for you.

When will my current end?

This process varies according to the person. It usually lasts for 4 to 8 weeks. It starts with birth and dissolution of the placenta and differs from woman to woman. In the first days after birth, it is light red and very dense. In the following days it becomes pink and then brown. Towards the end, it becomes yellow - white or colorless and decreases thoroughly. It is recommended not to use a buffer during this time. Since the uterus recovers slowly after birth, it is more appropriate to use a normal pad. If anything, such as excessive odor in the discharge bothers you, be sure to consult your doctor because this may be a sign of infection.

When do I get my old weight / form?

They say: Your wife grows for 9 months and disappears in 9 months. Aside from whether or not this is the case, one thing is certain that you cannot suddenly return to your old lines. Losing weight is not normally very easy either. This is a bit personal, but also about your diet and lifestyle. However, it is possible to fit in your old jeans in 3 to 6 months on average.

Can postnatal diet be done?

You better not. Especially as long as you breastfeed. It is very important that you eat healthy and adequate nutrition during this period. All you eat is passed to the baby with milk. You also need plenty of energy during breastfeeding. Your diet will weaken your body.

How long does it take for the uterus to return to its original state?

The uterus begins to return to its original size with repeated contractions in the first days after birth, ie the size of a small pear. These contractions are especially felt during breastfeeding because they accelerate the formation of hormones when milking. In addition, lying on your back from time to time and light massage to the area under the navel hole also positively affects the recovery process of the uterus.

When can I start exercising?

You can start the exercises recommended by your specialist doctor in the first days after birth. These will help to recover your weakened muscles. You can do the exercises several times a day, little by little, as long as you have the opportunity, rather than once a day, long and intensively. Of course, if you have had a caesarean section instead of normal birth, you should wait at least 5 days. Or, if you have had any intervention during labor, you should consult your physician about the process of starting the exercises.

When can I take a bath like before?

When the discharge is over, he can bathe as before, but until then, just take a shower because the uterus is vulnerable to infections before it is fully recovered and closed. Bacteria can cause infections during a long bath or bathtub, which is dangerous and dangerous for you and your breastfeeding baby.

When can I go back to my normal sex life with my wife?

In fact, whenever you and your partner feel ready for it. However, if surgery is performed during delivery, it may be better for you to feel comfortable before waiting for recovery. The discharge can also cause infections. Using a condom can be a solution.

Should we be protected from pregnancy?

Absolutely. Breastfeeding does not protect you from getting pregnant. It's actually a sensitive issue because you are not recommended to take pills because you are breastfeeding. You should wait for your first menstrual period after the uterus has recovered, which means at least 8 weeks. You cannot be protected by calculating the days, because your period may also be irregular. The smartest way to solve this is to consult your doctor.

Can I have a drink?

It is recommended that you do not drink alcohol as long as you are breastfeeding because it mixes with milk. But if it's a celebration or something similar, it's okay to drink a small glass of white wine / champagne or beer. They even increase milk production. But don't drink more than a tiny glass because it makes milk.

Can I lift heavy?

Do not lift heavily, especially in the first days after birth. Your body is already weak, your muscles have not yet recovered. Avoid excessive and excessive movements. Especially if you have had a caesarean section, rest thoroughly for up to 5 days. In general, it is very important that you rest after birth. Avoid sudden movements when holding the baby.

Can I use perfume or scented body lotions?

It's much better if you don't use it because your baby's vision is so weak that he knows you from your smell. Don't leave this “difficult” situation by changing this smell that she knows and loves very well. Patiently postpone your tastes of this kind a little.

How can I deal with fatigue and insomnia?

It is a very tiring time for a mother who has a newborn baby. The main reason for this is repeated breastfeeding every 2 hours including nights. This is more frustrating than anticipated because the mother cannot find time for anything else, even for a short shower, because she is constantly worried that "if the baby wakes up". Insomnia and fatigue wear the mother down, often making her angry and impatient. Let others help you. From time to time, leave the baby to your partner, mother or anyone who can help you and breathe a little. Even go to the hairdresser near you. These activities, which seem very ordinary, will be a nice change for you and a breath taking opportunity. Asli note: You do not have to do everything completely. You cannot take care of the baby at the same time and cook and do the household chores. Nobody expects all this from you. It is your natural right to receive a little more understanding and help from everyone.

When should I get back to work?

Before going on maternity leave, be sure to check with them at work to find out your legal rights. If you intend to return to your old job after birth, speak with your employer, the managers you work with, and your team or staff. So you don't have to worry about it on your maternity leave. If you plan to leave your baby to a babysitter later, do not postpone this event until the last day. Take care of the baby with the caregiver 1 week or a few days before you begin work so that you can observe your caregiver and the baby and the two get used to each other. So you can come back to work and work comfortably later.

What are the formalities after birth?

You should take out your baby's wallet. There are also some routine vaccinations and checks that your doctor will advise you of.