How do I know when to back off with potty training?

How do I know when to back off with potty training?

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If you're starting to get frustrated by your child's lack of success, or if your child seems to be actively resisting potty training, it's a sign that you both need a short breather. Soldiering on because you're impatient to toss the diapers or because he needs to be trained to enter preschool may make him feel too pressured and sabotage your efforts. Wait a few weeks and revisit the issue when you've recharged your supply of patience and your toddler seems less negative.

You may also want to ease up on the potty training mission if you notice that your child's reluctance is accompanied by constipation. If so, you may need to address that health problem first by varying your child's diet and getting him to drink lots of fluids. Talk to your toddler's pediatrician if you have any questions.

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