Pregnancy and postpartum considerations when choosing a doctor

Pregnancy and postpartum considerations when choosing a doctor

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Your gynecologist is your most important partner for your health. Today, the mission of gynecologists is not limited to controlling the reproductive system and sexual health of a woman and correcting possible problems. While these are the main tasks, your gynecologist is the healthcare professional who is primarily responsible for your general health, identifying possible poblems of your other systems and providing the necessary guidance. For this reason, a modern gynecologist must stay close to his / her expertise and follow the developments in the field of general medicine.

You should take care when choosing your gynecologist who has such great importance to your health and often shares your secrets that you cannot share with your mother, father or even your spouse.

A contemporary and conscious twenty-first century woman must be a gynecologist regularly visited. Your gynecologist will be one of the most important people in your life. When looking for a gynecologist, the first thing you will do is to get advice from relatives and friends. This is a very rational approach. Many women choose to go to the gynecologist for the first time. However, suggestions can be confusing at times. Many of your friends have different gynecologists, and almost all of them say their doctor is the best. This discourse is largely true. Because the important thing is the dialogue that can be established with the doctor. However, the point that should not be forgotten here is the fact that each individual's structure and expectations are different from each other. Although the same doctor and friend can communicate very well, there may not be such a satisfactory connection between you. Therefore, referral to friends should not be the only factor in your decision.

When looking for partners in any subject, the first thing you will pay attention to is whether you have satisfactory communication with the other person and trust him or her. The same principle applies here as your gynecologist is your partner for your health.

As a first rule, you should be able to feel comfortable with your gynecologist and really trust her. This is a very important point. Because your doctor's decisions about your treatment are directly related to your health. You also have difficulty following the advice of a person you do not trust. If you get the feeling that your doctor doesn't believe or take seriously what you say, or vice versa, if your doctor's explanations don't satisfy you, then there is a trust problem between you and this does not result in a healthy patient-doctor relationship. You can solve this problem by talking. If you can't solve it, that gynecologist is not suitable for you. The first condition for obtaining a quality health service is to be able to trust your doctor.

Professional experience
Naturally, you have the right to ask for the best for your own health or for the health of your baby if you are pregnant. Therefore, you can question your gynecologist's professional experience in various ways. When deciding on your doctor's professional experience, you should pay attention to some points. Medicine is one of the fastest progressing disciplines. As a result of this progress, each branch of medicine was divided into sub-branches and some doctors had more experience in sub-subjects related to their branches. In terms of gynecology and birth, the best example of this sub-branch is cancer and reproductive health. Every gynecologist cannot be expected to have knowledge and say on these issues requiring special curiosity, training and experience. Therefore, referring your gynecologist to another experienced gynecologist for such problems does not mean that he or she is a bad or inadequate doctor. Similarly, in case of a problem that does not require special branching, your doctor may want to exchange ideas with other colleagues or get help from them. Such practices are frequently performed in clinics, especially in team work, and such in-branch consultations show the importance and value that your health attaches to your health and not your inadequacy.

School difference
Medicine is different from other positive sciences. There are many different paths to the same point, and these roads are often the right paths. This can be called school difference. Different doctors may have different treatment approaches for the same or similar diseases. None of these approaches may be wrong. When choosing your gynecologist, you should make sure that your preferred school matches your expectations. For example, while you see surgery as a last resort to get rid of your problems, you may experience friction between you if your doctor has adopted a surgical-oriented school. School differences are a very sensitive issue. In any case, the differences described here should not be interpreted as the attempt of some doctors to perform forced surgery. No physician who respects his / her profession and person does not adopt and recommend surgery or similar treatments when there is an easier and less risky treatment alternative.
Does your doctor encourage you to ask questions, listen to your questions and problems, or do you seem reluctant or too busy listening to you?
Does it give the impression that you want to finish your examination as soon as possible and move on to the next patient?
Does he seem willing to learn about your complaints and concerns, or does he display an authoritarian attitude?
These are extremely important points. It is your natural right to learn about your condition and your disease, to be informed about the causes, treatment alternatives and their risk, benefit and success rates.
Even if you think it's meaningless or funny, you should be able to ask your doctor any question you may have. When you want to ask your doctor a question, you should not feel shy or afraid for any reason. You should be able to discuss everything about your illness with your doctor. Your satisfaction with your doctor's approach should play an important role in identifying your gynecologist.

It is very important that your doctor speaks the language you understand. Extremely complex, hard-to-say medical terms are useless than confusing you. You should be able to understand what you mean by talking to your doctor. Your doctor should also explain the meaning of a medical term.
Everyone asks his doctor to pretend that he's the most important patient. This is often understandable, acceptable and tolerant. The best reflection of this desire and expectation occurs when the patient wants to reach his doctor for any reason. Today, called the communication age, you should reach your doctor whenever you need. When it comes to health, the concept of clock, time, place disappears. This becomes extremely critical, especially if you are expecting a baby. When you may need your doctor. unpredictable Therefore, you should be able to reach your gynecologist by phone, mobile phone, e-mail and get answers whenever you need them. You should be able to solve some minor problems using communication methods without going to the office or hospital. In today's conditions, where a significant proportion of women work, time is more valuable than most things.

Today, the weight of economic conditions affects almost everyone at different levels. Many people have to go for a restriction in their personal budget, and unfortunately, the penalties for the first restriction are health expenditures. Examinations and treatments are either postponed or more economical and affordable hospitals and practices have to be preferred. On the other hand, private health insurances, which are becoming more widespread, direct the patients to the doctors and hospitals that they have contracted, not to the doctor they choose and feel safe.

The hospital becomes more important when it comes to the economic situation. This is especially important if you are going to perform a birth, caesarean section or similar surgical procedure. In surgical procedures, plans should be made on negative, not positive. Almost all surgical procedures performed in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology are completed without any problems. In this case, the physical and medical conditions of the hospital are not of primary importance. However, when a negativity occurs, this factor comes to the fore. For this reason, the physical conditions of the hospital, the presence of the main branches that can be consulted in case of emergency, the operating rooms operating 24 hours a day, blood station, 24 hours working laboratory, adult and infant intensive care unit can be life saving. These characteristics are the main factors that determine the cost of a hospital. Hotel service should be taken into consideration when choosing a hospital.

As a result, when choosing your gynecologist to deliver your health, should you seek answers to these questions?

Can you feel comfortable with the doctor?
Can you describe your problems as you wish?
Can you feel free to ask any questions you may have?
Can you get satisfactory answers to your questions?
Does the doctor provide you with sufficient and insightful information about your condition in a language you understand?
Can you reach your doctor easily by mobile phone or e-mail?
Can you return home without any doubt in your mind after leaving the examination?
If you answer yes to most of these questions, you have chosen the right gynecologist for yourself.

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