Seeing your baby before birth

Seeing your baby before birth

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Would you like to see your baby before birth with 4-dimensional ultrasound?

With the 4-dimensional ultrasound device, the image of the unborn baby can be taken as a passport-sized picture. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. View Zeynep's Full Profile ultrason You can see not only the picture but also what your baby is doing at that moment, konusunda he says. You can get many tips about your health. ”

The ultimate in ultrasound technology
The importance of ultrasound during pregnancy is indisputable. Recent advances in this area reinforce the importance of ultrasound in terms of mother and baby health during pregnancy. The latest innovation is 4-dimensional ultrasound. With this device, it is possible to create a photo album from the images of the baby in the womb. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr.Lale Zeynep Kanmaz said that even the parents who can see the picture of the baby can comment on who looks like: "Sucking your finger, yawning, yawning while closing the mouth, trying to suck the toe, smiling, caring the head of the other twin gives great pleasure to the babies."

Building a different bridge between mother and baby

Stating that the excitement of the mother at that time is worth seeing. Kanmaz says that the spiritual value of the event is better understood when the photos of the baby after birth are compared with those in the womb.

Archive your baby before birth

In addition to monitoring the baby with 4-dimensional ultrasound, it is possible to record and then record it on an optional CD and hide it for future monitoring. The difference of this technology from previous 3-D ultrasound is that it can instantly see the baby and its movements and record it on a CD, allowing it to be stored as a pleasant memory. Finger-sucking, yawning, yawning, closing her mouth, trying to suck your toes, smiling, frowning, the other twins to see the caressing the head of the baby, creates a different emotional bond between families and the baby.

Provides health tips

Apart from the fact that the mother can see her baby before birth, it is possible to detect abnormalities such as cleft lip, palate, spina bifida and finger anomaly more clearly with the help of '4 Dimensional Ultrasound'. Dr. Another function of the non-bleeding device is that it can measure with Doppler. β€œIn this way, high-risk pregnancies such as growth retardation, hypertension, multiple pregnancies and day pass can be monitored in a healthy way.”

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