How can I safely get rid of excess body hair when I'm pregnant?

How can I safely get rid of excess body hair when I'm pregnant?

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Pregnancy is a time of change for a woman's body, and that includes her skin and hair. The good news for the hair on your head is that it often appears thicker during pregnancy, thanks to changes in the hair growth cycle. At the same time, though, hormonal changes can lead to more hair in places where it's not wanted.

"Old fashioned" ways of removing unwanted hair – tweezing, shaving, waxing, and threading – work as effectively during pregnancy as they do when you're not pregnant, and they're safe for you and your baby. But they can cause some darkening of the skin during pregnancy, when the skin becomes inflamed. (This darkening usually fades in the months that follow.)

If these hair-removal techniques tended to irritate you when you weren't pregnant, you'll want to be even more careful with them now that you are. You may choose to use them less often than usual, for example, or on a smaller area.

Laser treatments are also an excellent way to remove unwanted hair when you're not pregnant. In theory, lasers should also be safe in pregnancy, and there's no data to the contrary. However, many practitioners are hesitant to perform cosmetic treatments such as laser on pregnant women because of the greater risk of an unsightly change in pigmentation (darkening of the skin).

For "hairy" women who are not pregnant, a doctor might prescribe the pill spironolactone for its anti-androgen (male hormone) effects. But this medicine is not safe for use during pregnancy and should never be taken by a pregnant woman.

The best hair removal method during pregnancy may be the "tincture of time." Much of the excess hair that grows during pregnancy will fall out on its own within six months after your baby is born.

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