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Bennu Gerede and her children

Bennu Gerede and her children

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How does it feel to live with 4 men? 3 of them are teenage mu Is there much noise at home?
It feels great to live with my 4 sons and there is definitely not much noise. On the contrary, we have a lot of fun. My kids aren't rebels for now, and I hope it goes on. Of course, when 3 of them play 'Jam Session' guitar and drums, there's a lot of noise, but they sound nice. My little boy Kai is the rebellious and loudest, his age is much smaller, but he's the one that makes me tired. He's always trying to keep up with his brothers.

In many of your interviews you say “My children, me and my freedom özgür, and other couples say that having children limits freedom. How do you fit these three watermelons in the same seat?
I did all my children very willingly. I never saw them as a burden, they did not restrict my freedom. It's a good thing my mom and kids have fathers, so when I need to concentrate on my work from time to time, I can dive into projects that are blind. And I can move freely because I know they're in good hands.

You were greatly appreciated for your efforts and stance in Survivor for setting an example for your children. How did you experience the spirit of Survivor as a mother? What did you pay attention to and what did you avoid?
Once I avoided polemics. I don't get any pleasure from gossip and fight anyway. Since there are no negative emotions in my life, he didn't push me too. One of the reasons I accepted this project was to set an example for both my children and all our children. In other words, after the age of 40, we definitely have to lose our hope. There must always be hope that we will live and be excited about our future. Some of our women are born unlucky, but my message to them is that they certainly should not lose hope, there is always a way out, there must be… So I gave birth to 4 children, I will be 42 this year. My condition is comparable to 20 years, my life energy is also very good. I never give up on my womanhood ... I have my signature on this project to promote the good of the whole of Turkey in me correctly.

They call you “amazon woman için, what do you think about it?
I love it. I think it literally describes me very well.

How did your children greet you when you returned to Survivor?
They miss me so much. After his return, a calm came to my house and to them. I had already felt that they wanted me to return before I was eliminated, because I was not mistaken because they did not even vote for me in the last round.

How does it feel to have children, how does it make you feel?
It makes me stronger. They are my pride, thanks to them I live my second life. I discover, grow, learn with my children. I look at life through their eyes.

What's it like to be a mother of a boy? What do you rather contradict?
So far we have not contradicted anything because we have so much in common that we enjoy. Both sports, music and gossip uz We laugh a lot together when they do imitation.
Would you like to have a daughter?
I used to want so much, but now I don't. I think I'm a man's mother elli I have always comforted myself like this. There's a reason I don't have a daughter.

Is there anyone other than you guys? How do you organize your day?
I have a sidekick, or I can't get anywhere. I have organization in my soul. I can grow them all in a very good way. If I can't take care of it, then either their father, the drivers working with their father, or their grandmother come to my aid.

What kind of mother are you? Do your children occasionally say “Of mother anne?
No way! They keep complaining about me! But then we laugh a lot because they know that the complaints are out of place! They also realize that they are very fortunate and it is incredibly satisfying to be proud of me. All his friends think I'm his big sister.

As a woman who gave birth to 4 children, what do you owe your form?

My positive energy and not being very active orum I do regular sports. I go to places I walk or by bike. And most importantly, I always find something to distract myself and produce constantly.

When there is an unusual situation with children, do you partner with their father or do you decide on your own?
Of course we decide together with their father. That's right.

Does your children hear about photography? Are they interested in this?
They are not interested in photography, they are not interested at all, but they all have the spirit of the artist.

Interview Müge Serçek Biroğlu - Photo by Bennu Gerede

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