Can allergies be prevented in the womb?

Can allergies be prevented in the womb?

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Allergy Specialist Dr. Yonca Tabak, various allergic reactions can result in death, allergy is a disease that holds the whole body, from infancy to adulthood, manifesting itself with different symptoms, genetic factors are important to mention, the disease began in the mother's womb, he points out. She says that living in a natural and green environment while the mother is pregnant and exposure to harmless microbes in nature through respiration is a factor that reduces the development of allergies in the baby. When pregnant, as in a farm environment, a mother who comes into contact with animal and soil-borne harmless microbes, her baby's immune system develops and is the first step in getting away from allergies, she says. Dr. Clover Plate; She emphasizes that normal birth is a second and important step in the fight against allergies, and that the mother receives the first natural stimulus to improve the baby's immune system through contact with healthy flora germs in the birth canal. Babies born with caesarean births were born in a completely sterile environment and in the meantime, there is no contact with germs, so that their immune systems become susceptible to allergies, he says.The germ will give your baby strengthThe immune system as two branches of a balance that evaluates Prof.. Dr. Yonca Tabak, “The more the immune system comes into contact with the microbes; so far from allergies. On the contrary, the more limited the germ control; The immune system is also shifting in the direction of allergy. Today, families, on the one hand trying to protect children from diseases on the other hand makes them susceptible to allergic reactions. Prof. He says. Dr. Yonca Tabak adds that caesarean section should not be preferred and animal and soil contact should not be avoided unless it is a medical necessity.

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