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Development of intelligence in the womb of the baby

Development of intelligence in the womb of the baby

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Now the babies in the womb go to the classroom. The baby's hearing, touching, olfactory senses, memory and intelligence are developed in the womb. Moreover, there is a 6-month difference in intelligence between the infants attending classrooms and those who do not. If you want to grow small Einstein From Diagnosis, Training, Communication and Counseling Services to Müjen İlnem, Child Psychiatrist Specialist listen.

The development of the baby mentally and mentally is one of the most important issues for mothers. It is the parents' right to want their babies to be intelligent in these days when the intelligence community comes to the forefront. Is there anything that can be done for a child's intelligence development? Of course there is. Starting from the womb, it is possible for your baby to develop intelligence and psychological formation. Starting from the womb! Eğitim Ana Rahmi Dersanesi Tanı lasting 9 weeks in Diagnosis Education, Communication and Consultancy Services There is a program called. There is a 6-month intelligence difference between the babies of the expectant mothers and those who do not participate in this program. from Central Child Psychiatrist Specialist Müjen İlnem She states that child education has started with the first month of pregnancy.

Ask for the baby first

The event called the mother womb class starts with asking for the child. Children born as a result of unwanted pregnancy necessarily understand this and have a lifetime of trust issues. In order to avoid such a situation, make sure you want the baby from the beginning as husband and wife. This request is really important. Dr. At this point, İlnem gives an example: arı In some societies, the decision to request a baby is accepted as the baby's birthday. For example, in African Indians, when a mother decides to have children, when she sits under a tree, a folk song starts to hum. Then she's with his wife. They believe that the child's birthday was the day he designed in the mother's head. In this way, each individual has its own unique feature and diversity. ”

Contact ways

There are many ways to communicate with the unborn baby. The research reveals that the baby has learned the mother tongue in the womb of the mother. Babies already perceive the voice of the mother very quickly. Then he begins to perceive the father. That is why it is worth admitting that the baby is an individual from the very beginning. So much so that constant tension between husband and wife during pregnancy affects the baby. In that respect, after the discussion, the mother should turn to her belly and say, uk We spoke to your father aloud, but it has nothing to do with you.. Research shows that some children remember the speeches they have witnessed in the womb after they grow up. What do you need to do to communicate effectively with him? Here are some suggestions:
Accept your baby from month 1. Prepare for motherhood. Know that there is no living thing to think. You noticed him. Accept that he and your wife are children.

After 2 months, start communicating with your child. Strok it and touch it.

Be aware of what your baby wants with the 4th month. Talk to him and treat him like an individual. Let him listen to music. Caress your back from the 7th month. It's hard to believe, but the baby feels it.

Of course, not only the mother but also the father must communicate with the baby. It is very useful to introduce himself to the baby by touching and talking.

The incredible effect of music

It is necessary to listen to music at the beginning of the ways of educating the baby in the womb. They especially like rhythms. But you need to choose the right music. For example, it is known that premature children who play Brahms develop more quickly. Müjen İlnem, Child Psychiatrist, underlines one point: “It is true to listen to classical music. But the mother-to-be needs to listen to music. Other types of music that the mother likes, such as soap opera, folk tunes, can also be played by the baby. Of course, hard music like rock music should not be played. ”

Apart from listening to music during this course, there are other studies. For example, the baby's sense of taste is enhanced by giving the mother some fragrant food. The mother is constantly encouraged to talk and touch the baby dokun

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