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Tooth Wheat Advice

Tooth Wheat Advice

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A tradition that is still practiced in many regions of Anatolia is the tradition of tooth wheat. Tooth wheat is an old Turkish tradition. To celebrate the first tooth, the tooth wheat is made among the family with the intention of the child's teeth to be more robust, to grow rapidly and to increase his supply. When the baby removes the first tooth, close relatives are invited and tooth wheat is prepared. It is prepared by blending boiled wheat with sugar and putting ornaments such as pomegranate, walnut and fruit sugar on it. Something like a bead or a ring is hidden in it. Whoever gets the stored item receives various gifts for the child. The tooth wheat ceremony is celebrated with a rhythm and a song. Where this custom is not known or practiced, there is usually a custom for the first person to see a child's teeth come out, sew a shirt or buy a gift for the child.

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