Beware of home accidents in homes with children!

Beware of home accidents in homes with children!

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Home accidents occur in the home and can often be prevented. Home accidents are usually seen during the growth and developmental stages of children. Children try and understand everything by experimenting, handling, seeing. Accidental home accidents occur at these stages.
Falls are at the beginning of child accidents. Crashes take second place. And they are followed by ingestion of foreign bodies, burns and scalds, poisoning.
The mother is tired, the family members are uninformed about home accidents, objectionable goods left in the middle of the large, no balustrade on the balcony or low levels, chairs left in front of the window are among the main reasons for the occurrence of home accidents.
According to the records of DIE, accidents rank 4th among the causes of child deaths in the 1-4 age group. According to the research carried out by the Ministry of Health in our country, 120,000 children applied to the hospital as a result of home accident in the last 5 years and 2000 lost their lives.
'So, how do I protect my child from all this?' You mean? Here are some suggestions…
1. Keep cleaning equipment out of the reach of children.2. Cook dishes in the back eyes on the stove.

3. Do not leave tools and equipment that are in danger of burning, such as lighters or matches.4. Wear protective devices.5. Make sure that balcony doors and windows are not left open.6. Keep cutting tools out of the reach of children.7. Put plastic anti-slip on the bottom of the bathtub.8. Take precautions to prevent contact around heat emitting devices.9. Cover these areas of the pointed furniture with a soft sponge.10. Your child's toys must be safe. Paints should not come out and should not contain small parts.11. The waste container lid must always be closed.12. The glassware and ornaments to be broken should be at a height beyond your child's reach.13. Always keep sewing items such as needles, buttons in a locked place.14. The edges of the baby bed should prevent the baby from falling.15. The seat belt must be fastened between the high chair and the baby.16. Scarecrow intervals should be within the range your baby can not head.17. Various hot drinks should not be given to the child.18. Behaviors such as burying your head in a pillow or putting a nylon bag over your head should be prohibited.19. Your child's laughing or crying while eating may cause suffocation.20. When the food is taken, the expiration date should be checked and especially the raw foods to be eaten raw should be washed with plenty of water.
If these precautions are followed, many home accidents will be prevented. Your baby will be healthier and you will be more peaceful.Compiled by: Contact Ege directly
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